Mixbook Has the Best Happy Holiday Card Templates

September 18, 2019 • By Penelope Torres
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Holiday photo cards are an excellent way to customize your seasonal greeting to accompany your holiday gift. To many people, a holiday card holds great sentiments because it often has that personal feel and touch. Families and friends that live apart often personalize the holiday cards to guarantee an unforgettable holiday experience for their loved ones. However, finding or even creating a happy holiday card template that reflects your heart's content can be a stressful exercise. Nonetheless, Mixbook offers you the best happy holiday card templates that make your holiday card stand out. Here are some of the benefits you get for choosing Mixbook, the best photo book builder, for a memorable holiday template.

Ease of use

Mixbook scrapbooking interface does not require prior training or experience to operate. Even if you are not tech-savvy you can still navigate through Mixbook's user-friendly interface. For those who want to create a happy holiday card as a hobby or as a profession, Mixbook offers a start-up package with step-by-step guidelines on the necessary tools for photo card creation and customization. If you still need professional guidance or even get stuck as you navigate through the happy holiday card templates, you can seek assistance through the live chat tool embedded within the photo editor.


Mixbook makes it easier for you to add a personal touch to your happy holiday card templates while creating personalized photo cards for your loved ones. This reputable photo book company allows you to create a user account for free, create your photo cards at any time, and even store your photo books and cards for free. Mixbook will enable you to upload pictures from vast sources to allow you to personalize the background of your photo cards with images that speak to the heart of your relationship with your family and friends. Link your Mixbook account with your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and SmugMug or Flicker and Google accounts, and create personalized happy holiday card templates with pictures from your computer or even phone. (1)

Enjoy Elegant Ready-Made Layouts for Happy Holiday Card Templates

Browse and choose from hundreds of customizable happy holiday card templates that allow you to edit pictures, backgrounds, and graphics into something your recipient will love. Most people love tailor-made photo cards because they depict the thoughts of the sender. Therefore, you need a happy holiday card template that you can easily edit to your desire. Mixbook offers you many 100% customizable themes with editing features such as dragging, resizing, rotating, and cropping photos. The photo editor also allows you to add text and create a seasonal message or holiday greeting that speaks to the recipient's heart. With the Mixbook editing feature, you are assured that your photo card will stand out and elicit the personal touch and love that you desired.

Enjoy Top-Notch Customer Service

Mixbook's delivery and shipping services are a true reflection of quality customer care. If you choose to print your holiday photo card, they give you a 100% cashback money guarantee if the print quality isn’t up to your standards. You will get constant guidance from the live chat tool or even email responses from a hardworking team of qualified professionals. Make your holiday card with Mixbook and send the perfect holiday greeting by choosing from the several customizable happy holiday card templates.

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