Reasons behind Foot and Ankles Swelling

January 16, 2018 • By Sophia Smith
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Foot and Ankles Swelling

If you are having swollen feet or swollen ankles then don’t fret. It is a very common problem and it won’t cause any serious harm to your body. Swelling of feet and ankles occurs when you are walking a lot or you are standing somewhere for a longer span of time. If you are experiencing this condition for a longer span of time, that is if your feet and ankles stay swollen and you are also experiencing other symptoms this might be a serious issue. It might be a signal of an unattended condition of your body. Below here there are some conditions mentioned which might lead to expanded feet and ankles. If you are experiencing any of the below-mentioned conditions then scroll down to know more about them.

  1. Pregnancy

Swelling of the foot and ankles is pretty normal during the pregnancy period. Pregnant women often experience bloating of the feet and ankles during the second and third trimesters. But if you are experiencing swelling during the first trimester or sudden and excessive swelling which is not normal then it might be a serious condition. It might be a sign of Preeclampsia, a condition that develops due to high blood pressure and excess protein in the urine. Apart from this if you are experiencing swelling along with a severe headache, vision changes, abdominal pain, rare urination, vomiting, and nausea then you should straightaway consult your gynaecologist.

  1. Lymphedema

This condition is also known as lymphatic obstruction. It is caused due to the collection and storage of the lymphatic fluid in the tissues. It develops due to the absence of the lymph vessels or after the removal of the lymph nodes. The lymph is a fluid rich in protein. It travels across the body through vessels and capillaries. This fluid is filtered by the lymph node where unwanted or foreign substances are trapped and removed. Any problem in the vessels or the lymph nodes obstructs the free flow of the lymphatic fluid. If this condition goes untreated the consequences can lead to deformity and severe infection. If you have been treated for cancer and after that, you are experiencing swelling of the foot and ankle then immediately consult your doctor.

  1. Venous Insufficiency

The swelling of the feet and ankles is a symptom of Venous Insufficiency. It is a condition where the blood insufficiently moves upward to the heart from the legs and feet. The movement of blood upwardly is a normal activity. The blood moves with the help of the one-way valves, but when these valves are damaged then the blood starts leaking back to the vessels. A chronic state of this condition leads to skin ulcers and various skin infections. Consult your doctor on the detection of the condition.

  1. Ankle or Foot Injury

It is a very common condition leading to the swelling of feet and ankles. Sprained ankles are one very common issue related to foot and ankle injury. These problems occur when the ligament in the foot or ankle area is stretched more than its limit due to an injury. It can be cured by taking a rest and applying ice to the affected area. If the condition turns out to be severe, as in the swelling is severe and you are experiencing too much pain then do consult a doctor.

These are some of the conditions which can lead to swelling of the feet and ankles. Apart from these, there are other conditions as well. Infection in the feet or ankle area, blood clots, heart disease, kidney disease and lung disease can also result in swelling. Advanced Foot & Ankle Institute of GA can be a helping hand in resolving issues related to swelling of the foot and ankles. Whenever you experience swelling in your feet and ankles, do consult a doctor and follow prescribed medication to cure it completely without further complications.

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