Drinking Water Right After You Wake Up – See What Happens When You Do It!

Drinking water in the morning is a usual ritual of most Japanese women. And every time you think about females from Japan the image that appears in your mind is a petite svelte woman, right?

This is not unusual because women from Japan with weight problems are rare indeed. In the last few decades, through listening and reading about the Japanese culture, we have come to the conclusion that Japanese people have a different type of diet in many regards.

Notably, they also have a different lifestyle and daily routine when compared with the greater part of the Western civilization, where people are constantly dealing with weight problems.

Perhaps this is due to the fact that humans seem to have lost their ‘thirst sensation’ and the critical perception of the need to drink more water. So, the body’s biological thirst signals can be mistaken for signs and symptoms of other illnesses.

Most often the root cause of this misperception is – dehydration. We can avoid costly and unnecessary medical interventions, and enjoy a long-term wellbeing, if we go in the opposite direction, which is – hydration. Further confusion results when the body produces complicated secondary symptoms of dehydration.

Many doctors often misinterpret those secondary symptoms as conditions unrelated to dehydration or dryness of the body. These conditions include, but are not limited to: dyspepsia, rheumatoid arthritis, angina, migraine and headaches, colitis, gastritis, constipation, hypertension, anemia, obesity, sinusitis, pulmonary tuberculosis, asthma, kidney stones, cardiovascular disorders, diabetes, irregular menstruation, hemorrhoids, epilepsy, leukemia, uterine cancer, breast cancer.

What is the best way to hydrate your body? How much water should you drink?

Since Japanese people seem to have fewer problems than we do, we are going to reveal a ‘water delivery secret’ of theirs, and try to apply it to our everyday lives in order to reap water benefits and improve our general health.

How much water to drink throughout the day? Water intake should start right after you get up as the first drink on an empty stomach. It is one of the things the Japanese never forget to do first thing in the morning! Having plain water is a very effective healing routine since it creates a stimulating environment inside the body for preventing numerous diseases by way of flushing out toxins.

Scientists have studied this seemingly insignificant “morning ritual” and have unanimously come to the conclusion that water on an empty stomach eases all the health problems mentioned above. It also improves the general condition of the eyes and helps with uterine diseases (especially menstrual disorders).

Thus, the main point of this article is to encourage you to try and incorporate this simplest water therapy into your morning routine. This is how you can start applying it:

Each morning when you wake up and get out of bed, the very first thing you should do is drink about 640 ml (21 oz.) of water.

Over the next 45 minutes, do not consume any type of food or other liquids. Instead, continue doing your other practices like preparing your stuff for work or school. Only after 45 minutes can you start eating your usual breakfast


Elderly people, including those who are suffering from certain water-intolerable diseases, cannot ‘afford’ drinking of 3 glasses of water on an empty stomach, so they should reduce the amount of water to what their bodies can accept and slowly adapt their system to reach the recommended level – which is 640 ml (21 oz.)

If you manage to use this Japanese practice, after a certain period of time, you will begin to notice the first signs of improvement of your health parameters. You will also start feeling much more energetic and sturdier than you used to be.

As for how long should this “water therapy” last, the answer is: It depends on the kind of health problems you are beset with!

For instance:

• If you are suffering from gastritis, continue your water therapy for 10 days.
• In case of constipation, you need 10 days of water drinking in the morning.
• Diabetic patients need 30 days of morning water drinking.
• High blood pressure takes 30 days to get back to normal readings.
• Patients with tuberculosis should have this morning drinking for 90 days.

Once you have successfully introduced this “therapy” into your everyday routine, and felt the positive results of course, you should try to maintain it as long as possible. And it goes without saying that the better the quality of water you consume, the better the results you will experience from water therapy.

Note: An exception should be made for those who are diagnosed with arthritis. They should apply it only for the first 3 days of the first week. In the following period (starting from the second week) they should do it regularly, every day of the week, just like all the others.

Have plenty of water to lose weight

Just follow these easy steps and you will easily reduce that bulky waste line:

Step 1:
Drink before you eat. Water is an appetite suppressant, so drinking it before meals can make you feel fuller and therefore reduce your usual food intake.

Step 2:
Replace calorie-filled drinks with water.

Step 3:
Drink ice cold water, especially in the summer.

Step 4:
Hit the gym with loads of water in your backpack.

Step 5:
Make sure you get just enough food so as not to feel hungry.

Four water-drinking facts you should also know

1. Did you know water can make you smarter?

While you may not know it, dehydration can reduce your ability to focus and concentrate on completing intellectual tasks. In fact, a study, done by the University of East London, states that a simple glass of water can help boost brain function by 14%. The researchers think the water helped by freeing up the parts of the brain that were busy ‘telling’ the body it was thirsty.

2. Are you moody and tired more often than not?

The answer is – you just might be dehydrated. Water has a bigger impact on our bodies than just quenching our thirst. When we do not drink enough water, we can quickly become dehydrated, which can have a negative impact on our mood, energy levels and our capability to think clearly.

Researchers at the University of Connecticut’s Human Performance Laboratory discovered that even mild dehydration can cause people to feel anxious, tense or tired, affecting their ability to perform cognitive tasks and cope with stress during the day.

3. Water helps you look and feel your best.

Do you want to get in the best shape of your life? Water can help you reach your health and weight loss goals. Not only does it act as a natural appetite suppressant by helping you feel full faster, but also a great number of studies have shown that drinking a glass of cold water when you wake up in the morning speeds up your metabolism.

It even keeps your skin looking young and healthy by helping reduce those fine lines of wrinkles around your eyes [that can be caused by dehydration].

4. Drinking plenty of water can save your heart

Not only does water help you look healthy on the outside, but it also protects the most important ‘pumping organ’ in your body as well—your heart. According to a study done over the span of 6 years, those who drank at least 5 glasses of water per day were 41% less likely to suffer from a heart attack than those who drank only 2 glasses of water (or less) each day.

TO SUM UP: If you want to look, feel and function your best, make sure you drink enough water throughout the day. If drinking this much water is a challenge for you, check out other blog posts for helpful tips. You may discover new ways to drink more water that you might not have even heard of before!



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4 years ago

This article makes all the sense it can make! Your stomach, just like your bladder, is full of waste fluids after you wake up in the morning, so the very best way to push them out of your tummy is to “water them out.” If you have another drink in the morning, that is not water, or at least 3/4 water, it will just add to your stomach upset. Last time I sent a can of red bull down my empty stomach I felt like a drunken capon. Haaauuh… I won’t go through that episode again even if I get it as a treat!

4 years ago

I don’t know if water can make me any smarter than God gave me… haaha… but I really like the idea of drinking water first anyway. All those junk foods I buy on the way home won’t make me any healthier, that’s for sure. I will even try to drink water before each of these “gorgeous looking” foods on my plate… for a change.

4 years ago

To be honest with you guys when I wake up in this Miami sizzling hot weather all I can think about is WATER and MORE WATER I have it early in the morning before I have a bite than all throughout the afternoon while i am riding my crazy porshe and than when it is bed time I also grab my gallon of icy cold water and cant stop until I feel like a camel auhhhhh U are right guys it feels as goody as a freaking cold shower!!!

4 years ago

I have a feeling that some of the points here are not valid. For instance, drinking water just before food ofcourse makes you eat less.But that’s because it washes away the acid that is getting ready to digest the food. So even the little food you eat will only be partly digested and you will end up building fat.

Kader kochi
4 years ago

Drinking large quantity of cold water in early morning will increase the gastric pH. This may promote indigestion of protein and starch.by weakening enzyme system. Habit of drinking cold water in winter days affect digestive system and heat production adversely. Drink water 3 hour after food intake is preferable generally. Weight gain and positive metabolism is not an abnormal phenomenon.

4 years ago

I didn’t know that all the diseases are induced from not drinking enough water. However, after reading this article about all the benefits of drinking water first thing in the morning everything became crystal clear to me. I have experienced a variety of changes on my overall health and also even my skin and hair look better. Water is essential for every living creature and all of us should consume more of it.

4 years ago

All of the toxins that had to be gotten rid of throughout the night would be more easily removed if you drank water every morning. Right after waking up, drink a glass of water and you will immediately feel more refreshed and rejuvenated. I have experienced it on myself. Only after I drink a glass of water in the morning my body is prepared to function.

4 years ago

The water that we drank at home was tap water and I could feel how it wasn’t that clean. However, when I started drinking bottled water I have felt a major difference. Every morning I would have a small bottle next to my bed and drink it right after waking up. I love it how it hydrates and wakes up every cell of my body.

4 years ago

Who would have known that drinking water could make you smarter? That is an interesting fact right there that inspired me to drink ever greater amounts of water during the day. I will definitely test this thing out on me and share the feedback. After it we can see who is smarter.

4 years ago

Water is one of the five elements that we couldn’t live without. That is why it is so important. I used to have headaches every single day, without knowing that the actual cause for that was dehydration. Once I started drinking higher amounts of water my headaches were no longer present.

4 years ago

I had struggles with weight loss for a long time. It was because my metabolism was sluggish and it just wouldn’t collaborate with my exercise or diet regime. I had difficulty losing even 5 pounds. Only after I started drinking water, I enjoyed the benefits that it provides, a slim and fit body being one of them.

4 years ago

My day would always start with a cup of coffee or a soda, it was always something like that. I never drank water because it was plain, tasteless and I always forgot to. It was only after experiencing several health problems that I came to conclusion that water is essential and has to be part of our daily routine. Now, I cannot imagine my life without getting up in the morning and having a glass of water.

4 years ago

I never liked water. I would always substitute it with coffee, tea, soda or even alcohol. I had severe headaches because of that habit. Once, I ended up collapsing just because my body was dehydrated. I couldn’t believe that not drinking water could lead to dehydration, because I always drank some other liquid. Today, I am more aware of the benefits that drinking water does, and also reduced the amount of other beverages, replacing them with plain water.

4 years ago

I always felt moody or tired and didn’t know the reason behind it. The reason was not something complicated, but it was not drinking enough water. I tried everything, from pills to energy boosters and tons of coffee, but my doctor’s recommendation was enhanced sleep and water intake. I have so much energy now, I feel like a new person.

4 years ago

Every day after I woke up, the hunger and thirst triggers were mixed up for me. There were times when I would go straight to the fridge and eat tons of food, even before my body was prepared for something like that. That is how I started drinking water the moment I woke up. Water satiated me enough and balanced me in the morning, not to mix thirst and hunger, which resulted in weight loss.

4 years ago

Yes, we all wonder what makes Japanese women look like that. I have read so many articles about drinking water in the morning, but I didn’t assume it was 640 ml of water at once! It just doesn’t make sense to me to drink so much water at once. I could try it, but I still think that it would be perfectly fine if I drink the same amount during the day and not all at once.

4 years ago

I am a mother of a three-month old baby and during breastfeeding, I need to drink a lot of liquids. I didn’t know this at first, and it really seemed upsetting having to drink water all day long. I didn’t used to do this. I came across this article and it all started to make sense. I always drank water in the morning, so I felt so much more energized and fulfilled during the day. I still do it and it feels great! Thanks

4 years ago

Finally I can relate my moodiness to something! I’ve been feeling thirsty and tired all the time lately, but I just didn’t have time to carry a bottle of water with me all the time. I am now aware that ever since I started drinking more water I don’t feel moody or depressed. The morning water thing isn’t my cup of tea, as I am often forgetful, but it sounds cool!

4 years ago

I had a problem with migraine two years ago, and a nurse once told me to start drinking a lot of water. I couldn’t believe that water can help me in the long term, but now I have mild headaches every now and then and that’s it. Water changed my life. I will try the morning water recipe as well. It is already summer so it won’t be hard to be on water all the time.

4 years ago

I’ve had a problem with my skin ever since childhood. My skin is very dry and I couldn’t hydrate it with any body or face lotion. It looked terrible, especially during the summer. I put oil, but then all my clothes were ruined, and I was hopeless. Drinking a lot of water in the morning and during the day helped me solve this problem permanently. I couldn’t believe I didn’t even need lotion anymore. thanks

4 years ago

I agree that drinking water in great amounts is super good for you, and I do it, but mostly during the summer. I am not so dedicated, and I think I drink the right amount of water every day. I don’t think there should be a schedule of an exact amount of water in the morning. Anyway, I think that if you drink it when you aren’t thirsty it just creates a negative connection in your brain about water.

4 years ago

I like this article, and it sure made me think about Japanese culture and their diet habits. They are so thin and slim! I thought their portions are smaller. But their secret was water, water, and only water all day long! Drinking water in the morning is mu ritual since I read the article, but I always forget to have a glass of water before a meal. I don’t think it will work for me.

4 years ago

Let me tell you what happened when II followed this advice and recipe! I couldn’t get out of the bathroom and I was sweating all the time! I don’t know if that was too much water for my body, but I just couldn’t get used to the habit. However, I will try it when winter comes, so I don’t have much of a problem with sweating, and I hope everything will be fine.

4 years ago

Since I started paying attention to hydrating myself, I am a different man. It took two or three weeks to get into the routine, but it’s been months since I enjoy the benefits of proper hydration. Now I got rid of constipation and lost 25 pounds easily. But people, note that it is really important to drink not just any water, but potable water. It can be tap water, which you will make it potable by boiling it.

4 years ago

I was wondering whether you mean bottled water or any other type. Bottled water isn’t as good as advertisements suggest. I think the most important thing here is the type of water we consume. Not any water is good for you, but the morning should start with water for sure. I drink my morning water with lemon and honey and I don’t have problems with moodiness or headaches during the day.

Kate H
4 years ago

Also, I used to buy ceramic or carbon filters that remove bacteria and chemicals like iodine in order to purify the water. You should filter water before boiling. You may use a paper coffee filter. That is the easiest way to turn tap water into potable water. Drinking water is extremely important, but drinking potable water is way more important. Drinking water helped me to enjoy food without considering diet.

4 years ago

Not every bottled water is potable water. I used to drink bottled water and after a certain period I experienced stomach troubles. Even though, bottled water is expensive, it can be worse than the tap water. Guys, make sure that you buy potable bottled water only if the company that supplies the water is part of the International Bottled Water Association. They do care water is safe and potable.

4 years ago

I have tried drinking water every morning on an empty stomach and it has helped me a lot since I boil tap water. Can I drink overnight water just after waking up? I usually boil it the night before and drink it the next morning. Although, I wonder if I should get a carbon filter to ensure it is potable enough? I have been doing this for a month and so far the feeling is good. Thank you.

4 years ago

I have been reading some articles on potable water recommendation and warning by many doctors. It says that basic carbon filter is good because calcium and magnesium are still in the water instead of purification systems. I switched to carbon filter recently and I started this experiment with drinking potable water on an empty stomach instead of boiled tap water. I promise you it works.

4 years ago

Hi guys! I think this article is great. I really want to start the water therapy? I have a question concerning potable water? Should I boil the tap water simply or buy bottled water? This s a really questionable issue? I really have a sensitive stomach so I don’t want to end up with diarrhea or constipation. Thank you in advance.

4 years ago

When doing this water therapy (which is highly recommendable according to me) it is really important to check what water you are about to drink. Never, ever drink tap water. Bottled water is a matter of question also. However, one thing you can check on tap water is a filter that offers a three stage filter which provides a highly potable water and far tastier than the flat water you get from normal filtration.

Dee Dee
4 years ago

It is a good idea to check how much potable water you drink daily. Considering that 70% of the human body content is water the first glass of water as soon as you wake up also comes with its therapeutic benefits. We filter our drinking water from the tap. I know it doesn’t cleanse the dirty stuff but it makes it improves the taste a little bit. Looking forward to hearing what is the best source to drink from.

4 years ago

Your body is designed to “flush out “toxins when starting the day with two glasses of potable water. However, pipes are my greatest fear whether they are built from plastic or the old metal ones. Both of them cannot be controlled because they release particles that have ‘God knows what’ effect on our health. So I do recommend potable over tap water.

4 years ago

I definitely didn’t know that water can boost your brain function! But it all makes sense. Without enough water, all of your body organs lose the ability to work properly, and thus, you end up being disorganized while doing intellectual tasks. I will take an extra bottle of water next time I have an important meeting. Thanks

4 years ago

The first thing you can do to assist your body is to infuse the fuel of life, which is natural water. I must say the thing we are all aware of, the first and the most notable difference between the potable water and tap water is that the authorities here in the States and throughout the world put chloride to clean the tap water in order to be ready to drink. But people, I cannot believe…. Does anyone consider that not every human being need that various amount of chloride in their bodies?

4 years ago

Ahhh, but most important is the TYPE of water they consume…..and it is a certified medical device used in many hospitals in Japan since 1974…it’s not just any water….. Let me know if you would like more info.

4 years ago

Drinking water is of course the most crucial thing for survival, but sometimes I just forget to do it on a regular basis. Before I started doing this ritual, drinking water was just a thing I rarely did. It’s true! I drank water only when my water was really, really dry. Then I incidentally read this amazing article, so I realized that I am both moody and unbearable most of the working days especially! My headaches started getting worse and I almost fainted one Monday. I just had to do something. I started drinking water in the morning one day, but then I kept forgetting to do this regularly, so that didn’t work either. After three months of desperate trying, I finally did it for one straight month and the results were amazing. My headaches just disappeared, I didn’t feel them even on a Monday morning, can you imagine? I don’t think it’s mentioned in the article, but I also stopped having digestion issues. Suddenly, my mood swings were disappearing, too. Actually, the truth is I still have them every once in a while, but that can be improved, too, I believe.

James Ve Palalagi
4 years ago

I’ve read stuff like this before but never really done it. Just recently I’ve kept a bottle of water by my side in the morning , taken a big drink of it and then eaten breakfast within 20-30 mins. And it feels great , maybe the time for water to have an effect after 45 mins may change my health so I will try to do this . Just saying 20-30 mins was the time that I ate breakfast still felt good but it might be because I’m young?

4 years ago

Drinking water in the morning doesn’t seem as an activity or a daily routine which will help us achieve all of these benefits, because let’s face it we’d rather pay thousands of dollars for gyms, diets or nutritionists than to believe that the answer to our prayers is free and right next to us! I haven’t been a huge fan of drinking water, especially not in the morning. However, I started with few simple steps, by drinking a small glass of water. My biggest mistake was when I started replacing water with sodas and juices and I totally forgot about water. Now, I suffer from dry skin, difficulties loosing weigh and the cholesterol is up to the roof! This was actually my doctor’s advice- to start drinking water more often, in fact to always have a bottle of pure water near me. And it’s true, whenever I see a bottle of water, I drink it and now my body is used to this habit and I’m always thirsty! My point is, this article is 100% true and water is really the only thing you need when you’re considering some serious lifestyle changes- start with water!!!

4 years ago

This is so true! I did not believe it myself, however when I moved in my new house to live on my own, I decided to make something good for myself in terms of healthy eating habits and drinking enough water, of course. I kept forgetting to drink enough water for quite a long period of time. Then, the migraines and headaches started…It is true that the lack of hydration in the body hinders all the processes in the body and that is how we get sick over and over again. Now, it’s been months since proper water drinking in the morning has become my ‘sacred ritual’. I drink two glasses of warm water right after waking up. It helped me in many ways, as it helped me to lose weight, it keeps me concentrated, and helped me to improve my memory a great deal, let alone the other health benefits I embraced, for example, the migraines disappeared. It was my mom’s case too…She also benefited from this morning ritual, since the headaches (as a result of lack of hydration) are gone for a year now. That is why I found this article truthful and I stand for it. You won’t regret if you stick to this morning routine and you will sure be more ‘awake’.

Leslie M.
4 years ago

I have heard that dehydration is pretty bad for your body, but to this extent i really didn’t know. I really didn’t think all those things can really be caused by not drinking water or at least dehydration can help them become more of a problem for you. At my age, I’m 30 by the way and I’m pretty much in the best shape of my life. Thanks god I don’t have any of these medical problems that I read about here except I did feel tired for the most of the day. Especially when I got home from work. Everything seemed too hard and I felt I didn’t have enough energy in the morning and evening. Then I realized that I spent most of my working hours without water. So I started drinking water in the office from time to time and immediately felt a change. Since last week I drink a lot more water then I used to and I started drinking it in the morning and drink throughout the whole day. Now I can definitely feel the difference. Water makes my whole day a lot more enjoyable and all-round better. I had to give a little feedback because I read about it here and I do hope I will reach at least some of you.

4 years ago

This article really made me think a bit more about the lifestyle we have. Generally speaking, it’s really true that Japanese women are all tall and I have never met a woman from Japan that is overweight (although there must be some exceptions). I have friends from Japan, we have met at a summer camp in California and I used to hang out with them most of my time there. It’s not like they are not eating. You should see how many different types of food they cook for only one meal of the day and they are still of a great weight. I would never imagine that their habits may have something to do with that. Personally speaking, I am not fond of drinking water. I can spend days without drinking water at all or just having a glass of water throughout the day and that would feel like more than enough. It will be difficult for me to drink water in the morning not that I am not only used to it but I don’t even have my breakfast early in the morning. As a matter of fact my breakfast is my lunch because I usually eat my meals at 1 a.m. every day or sometimes even later. I don’t have any health problems, at least not that I am aware of. The only problem I have is that I get very tired and moody all the time. When I get home from work I feel exhausted and then I get anxious and tense. That’s why I am determined to drink water every day in the morning from now on and I would like to recommend it to everyone because there seems to be many great health benefits.

4 years ago

Of course good hydration is crucial for our overall health. I know that too well, in theory. But somehow during the day I just forget to drink enough quantity of water. I constantly get those symptoms that are stated in this article. I often feel dizzy, I’ve got headaches and lack of concentration. As a result, I’m also pretty moody and anxious for no good reason. Luckily, I came across this amazing article that reminded me what I was doing wrong in my daily routine. So, I put my foot down this time and decided to be persistent in my decision to drink water in the morning. At first I started drinking just one glass of water and then I gradually increased the dosage until I started drinking about 640ml of water in the morning. I’ve been doing this ritual, that Japanese women are doing too, for almost two months now and I feel great. I’m no longer moody and nervous with no particular reason and I feel more energized during the day. Furthermore, I no longer have problems with my digestive system. And ladies and gentlemen, this is the best part, since I’ve started drinking water in the morning I’ve lost 12 pounds in weight. I feel so amazing. I’ll continue drinking water each morning for the rest of my life.

4 years ago

Our body is mostly made up of water, so drinking it throughout the day to replenish the necessary amount of it our body needs makes perfect sense. But it is one thing to know something in theory and completely another to put it into practice. In my case, I have been resisting the idea of drinking a glass of water first thing in the morning. It has been very hard for me to break the habit of drinking coffee on an empty stomach. I also feel tired and lethargic sometimes, which could be a sign of dehydration. As I am am growing older, my body is obviously sending me different signals. Namely, my blood pressure is very low in the morning, causing me to feel dizzy and unwell. Drinking fluids causes a rapid rise in blood pressure, so I will obviously have to listen to your advice. The best solution for me would be adding some lemon juice, to improve the taste, but I will definitely change my unhealthy morning routine.
What is also important for women is that water helps us keep our youthful look and a healthy skin.
Your article has also taught me that drinking larger amounts of water prevents cardiovascular problems, which could be life-saving information.
Regarding the impact of water on how our brain functions, it also makes perfect sense. So, thanks for reminding me how important water is for us.

4 years ago

Modern farmers have learned that if you water the plants more regularly the effect of production will increase. Hydration in agriculture is not a new discovery. It is as old as the agriculture itself. But the results for improved cultivation came when the early farmers in history started to think about how to evolve the watering process. The watering process was advancing from the early beginnings with furrow irrigation over the Romans aqueducts and nowadays the drip irrigation. The drip irrigation provides constant hydration for the plants not wasting the water unnecessary providing that the plants will drink enough water. Why am I saying this? Because as same as for plants also for humans there is need for finding the right formula for hydration. We need to evolve the process of hydration in order to have better results for production of more quality life experiences. We’ve read in this article the problems coming from dehydration and that we all should be drinking water. I understand this recommendation of drinking water in the morning as an evolution of the process of better consumption of water as an essential compound for the chemical processes in the body which will result in healthier life. Someone made the analysis as previously the Romans and other agriculture engineers for the humanity to have better cultivation. It is the same motivation with humans. Doctors and scientist find that this action of drinking water of that exact amount of 21 oz. as the Japanese women drank in the morning so we should do it unquestionably.

Jerry Robin
4 years ago

I have been drinking 1-2 large glasses of water first thing for over 7 years now. And my daily goal is half my body weight in ounces (I weigh 180 – so 90 ounces). But not just any water, and certainly not reverse osmosis “dead” water nor any bottled water. My home tap water is filtered 500x finer than a typical filter, then made both Alkaline, and more importantly, Antioxidant.