Sleep disorders and the men’s problem

Sleep is not an option; it is a biological process that keeps our body functioning in the right state. Without proper sleep, we will not only feel tired but also our brains, organs, and even cells will eventually lose their effectiveness. However, there are multiple reasons for why one does not get enough sleep. These reasons may include lifestyle choices related to a busy social life or employment, sleeping disorders, stress, and tension.

Sleep disorders consist of insomnia, restless legs, sleep-disordered breathing, and circadian rhythm dysfunction. Among men, some of the common sleep issues relate to sleep-disordered breathing, particularly, sleep apnea and snoring. Regardless of the reason, what matters more is fixing these disorders and get better sleep. Most of the problem could be solved simply by sleeping enough and practicing better sleep hygiene. Men need to sleep well and enough to stay healthy, perform thriving in all aspects of life, and appreciate a long life.

The research proposes that men working late at night (from 6 pm until 7 am) are more likely to develop a large number of medical issues. Moreover, those who do not work night shift still lose night sleep for other reasons. Lost sleep may be accounted for anxiety, pain, or untreated sleep disorders.

Below, we will be discussing the risks that men encounter due to sleep deprivation.

Reasons why men should try to get enough sleep

Low testosterone

Loss of sleep in men results in the emergence of hypo gonadal symptoms. These symptoms occur because of low degrees of testosterone. Men having low levels of testosterone face a scope of hypogonadal symptoms. These consist of erectile dysfunction, decreased sex drive, reduced muscle mass, and issues with sleep.


Because of low testosterone, men having inadequate sleep regardless of the reason may likewise experience infertility issues. Low scales of semen density and motility count can prompt prospect issues in sleep-deprived men.

Erectile dysfunction

A failure to keep up ideal testosterone levels can result in problems with erectile dysfunction (also known as ED). Getting under 8 hours of sleep every night disturbs the hormonal balance in the circulatory system. In the absence of normal levels of T-hormone, blood will not flow to the reproductive organs, causing ED.

In addition to getting proper sleep, men can treat their erectile dysfunction using generic viagra. There are erection pills online that offer an effective solution to ED and impotence.


Although, mental health issues occur due to loss of sleep, paying little or no heed to gender. However, recent research has established that a connection exists among inadequate sleep, depression and even suicidal thoughts in men who are sleep deprived.

It is important for men to realize that enough sleep is a critical biological process that our body demands from us. Men should prioritize sleeping for an interrupted 8 hours per night. This habit will do more than just keep the body system functioning well. It will result in overall good health and wellness, a steady state of mind and a better view of life.

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