The concept of a balanced diet explained for one and all

In a general manner, balanced diet can be defined as the consumption of nutritious food products in such a way so that the daily calorie count is maintained along with the necessary quantity of vital nutrients and trace elements. However, the food products required for making a balanced diet differs from one person to another. The essential components of a balanced diet are given below:

  • Leafy greens

Green veggies especially leafy greens are extremely necessary for maintaining good health. Edible green leaves are a rich source of minerals and vitamins. Most people try to incorporate green veggies in the daily diet but due to time constraints and work schedules cooking and eating sufficient quantity of vegetables as well as raw fruits becomes difficult. In order to solve this problem, there are green powders which are organically made by drying veggies and sometimes fruits.

The taste of such powders differs according to the dried ingredients used for making the powder. High-quality products will keep the earthy taste of vegetables intact in the powder form of the food product. If a person is searching for suitable green powder diet supplements then browsing through the Superfooddrinks list of best green powder drinks is a good idea. Complete descriptions of well-known green powders are available online, and after understanding all the attributes of a particular product, it can be purchased.

  • Meat and fish

Apart from vegetarians, all other individuals can get their daily portion of animal protein and fat from fish and meat. There are varieties of fish and meat options available in the market.

Therefore, favorites can be chosen easily. However, there is a tendency to choose meat which is rich in fat content. Fat usually keeps the meat soft while cooking. But leaner options with regard to meat are also available, and people who are conscious about regular fat intake can opt for lean meat. The skin of the fish is the main source of fat and can be either eaten or discarded.

  • Dairy and poultry products

Dairy products are often obtained from animals like milk. A vegan option like soy milk is also there which is made from soybeans. From milk, several other products like curd, cheese, butter, and clarified butter are made.

These products are also essential for providing vital fat molecules and necessary carbohydrates. Eggs obtained from poultry birds are a rich source of fat and protein and is often eaten daily to add protein and fat to one’s diet. However, vegetarians have to avoid such products and can choose nuts and other vegetarian sources rich in protein and fat.

  • Cereals and lentils

There are a variety of grains which are available. Lentils and cereals are well-known sources of fiber and protein. Choices are ample in this regard, but people who have celiac disease need to avoid gluten-rich cereals.

Hence arriving at a balanced diet for oneself might seem a bit difficult. In that case help from a professional nutritionist can be taken to make an appropriate diet plan.

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