The Future of Car Safety

July 30, 2023 • By Penelope Torres
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Car Safety

Even though cars are already equipped with many different safety features, many people are curious about what the future holds regarding car safety. As self-driving cars, such as Teslas, take on Colorado’s roads, safety becomes a great concern for accident lawyers in Denver. New car safety features are always being added to vehicles including all kinds of sensors and cameras. 

This guide will cover some of the best car safety features to look forward to in the future. Keep in mind though that even with endless car safety features, accidents are still possible so you need to ensure you are driving well and always paying attention to the road. 

New Car Safety Features Coming in the Future 

While not many cars have these features as of now, they are already in progress to being made and will be added to cars as they are finalized. 

Here are some of the top car safety features to look forward to. 

Driver Override System 

Even though the driver is the one that controls the car, many companies including Toyota and Nissan are investing in override systems. This means the car can apply the brakes even when drivers are starting to accelerate. 

This can allow the car to slow down or stop if there is danger ahead or if there is something in the road and the driver might not have seen it. 

Health Monitoring 

Many health-related accidents happen around the country every day. This happens when people drive while drunk or they experience health issues while driving such as low blood pressure. 

Health monitoring systems inside the car will be able to tell when someone is having certain problems such as a heart attack or a drop or increase in blood pressure. 

This system can alert the driver and it can also be setup to alert a nearby hospital or the person’s doctor. 

Ford and Lexus are some of the big car names that have been working on this technology. 

Animal Detection 

There are about 1.5 million car accidents every year from deer in the USA. This number only includes deer and doesn’t account for all the other animals that cause accidents around the country. 

Animal detection includes a combination of infrared cameras and radars that can detect an animal on the road and then automatically apply the brakes so the driver can avoid hitting the animal. 

Many different car companies are starting to put animal detection systems into their new cars including Audi, Mercedes-Benz, and Ford. 

Remote Vehicle Shut Down 

There are some instances where a car might need to be shut down remotely. This could happen if a person has missed many car payments if they are reckless driving. GM and Toyota are currently working on this technology however it still has a long way to go. 

For example, you cannot remotely shut down a car when it’s in the middle of driving down a highway or when it’s stuck in traffic as this can cause accidents and inconveniences for other drivers. 

Infra Red Headlights 

When there is poor weather like snow and fog, driving conditions are often difficult and dangerous. Infrared headlights allow drivers to see further so that they can still drive safely in conditions like fog and thunderstorms. 

Augmented Reality Windshield 

Augmented reality has been considered for many different cars and several different parts of the car but most experts agree that augmented reality will be first used in windshields. 

This means the dashboard will be incorporated into the windshield so that the driver can see the temperature and directions without having to glance down at the dashboard. 

Many companies are already beginning to use Augmented Reality windshields like BMW, Ford, GM, and Jaguar. 

Biometric Vehicle Access 

Tired of carrying around keys to the car and always losing them somewhere? You should look into getting a car with biometric vehicle access. With this technology, you can unlock the car with your fingerprint. This also is a safety feature because it means that people cannot steal cars as easily since they need to be authenticated before the car door will open and allow a driver to drive off in the car. 

Autonomous Cars 

Self-driving cars are one of the most talked about things in the USA right now because brands like Tesla and Lexus have already built self-driving cars and put them on the market. Other car companies are working towards making autonomous cars. 

However, these cars will still need to have a driver in the seat that is fully aware of what is happening in case they need to intervene when an accident seems like it might be evident. 

Traffic Alerts 

When it comes to commuting and driving, traffic is one of the worst parts because it can leave you stuck on the road for hours when all you want to do is be home. Some cars have started integrating traffic alerts that are network-based and based on messages from other drivers. 

This means you can send a message to other drivers about the current traffic conditions and then they can know about the problems and reroute themselves if they can so they can void the congestion. 

Some car companies have already begun using the technology to put this in their new car models including BMW, GM, and Volvo. 

Final Thoughts 

Car safety features are becoming better and better. As they become more advanced, drivers can be sure they are safe on the road whether they are driving to work or taking a family vacation. 

However, even with all the added car safety features, you need to be sure you are still watching the road and taking care to be aware of what is going on around you. 

This is why you also need to consider hiring and partnering with a personal injury attorney if you happen to get into an accident. Even the new safety features can have problems and you might be able to get compensation from other drivers or the car company themselves depending on what caused the accident. 

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