The Reason to use Firefly 2 as your vaporizer.

May 18, 2018 • By Penelope Torres
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The Firefly 2 is a great portable vaporizer it allows the users to adjust the temperature output and hence boost the vapor and it creates clouds that you never expected. Hence the Firefly 2 is better than the session-style vaporizers, and people had to learn about the new technique to get used to the on-demand heating of the Firefly 2. When you become used to the Firefly 2, you will realize it is a very useful device, and it can output a lot of serious vapor. Hence this device has outsmarted other devices.

How you need to Use the Firefly 2

Here are some of the tips and the tricks to generate excellent unit which helps to get a large amount of decent vapor.

The Grind

Firefly 2 operations depend on how you grind your herbs. It is advisable to have a finer grind since most conduction session vaporizers which is a benefit since most of the herbs' surface area is touching the heating chamber.

Finer grind has more restriction to airflow hence it results to uneven cook as the effect of the hot air tend to cook at the bottom more aggressively than the rest of the herbs. Therefore, it is recommendable to use a course grind since the herbs are finer. Another reason to use a course grind it helps prevent the herbs from going down the vapor path which allows airflow over the time. Also, the course, grind herbs have less chance of moving out of the chamber and down the vapor path.

The pack

Vapor production in the Firefly 2 will depend on how you pack your herbs. It is advisable to fill the bowl so that the lid of the Firefly 2 helps to keep the herbs in place hence the herbs are not completely loose. Also, make sure the herbs are not moist so that the herbs can burn uniformly.

The Draw

The firefly 2’s air path is more restricted which is an added advantage as it enables you to draw from the unit. For you to obtain best results press and hold power button so that you can start heating. When the green lights turn solid allow the unit to sit for some seconds which allows the heat to build and then slowly begin to draw from the unit. Ensure you start your draw slowly and towards the end of the draw increase the draw speed slightly and you will yield better results.

Power Tuning

If you want to get the maximum visible vapor ensure your firefly 2 is updated to the latest firmware so that power Turning option will be available for you. Hence you can adjust base temperature, but the recommended one is about one hundred and five since it will give best results of both flavor and the vapor production.

In conclusion firefly 2 vaporizer is the best to use once you get the know-how. It is very convenient regarding vaporizing of the herbs so make the best use of it.

Penelope Torres

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