The trampoline – Incredible Health Benefits

January 31, 2018 • By Penelope Torres
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There is a misconception that trampoline is only designed for kids. In fact, there are safe trampolines for adults as well that works as effective equipment to lose weight can shape the body within a specific period of time.

Traditional weight loss exercises are typically boring and trampoline can surely add a lot of fun to the workout. Doing something with interest and enjoyment can lead you to better results. Trampoline exercises can strengthen the organs and improve blood circulation in the body. Constant jumping is even more exciting.

Nevertheless, here are some of the incredible health benefits listed of using a trampoline:

1. Cardiovascular fitness

Trampoline is one of the best fitness equipment that people of all ages can utilize. A study carried out shows that jumping for ten minutes on a trampoline is a better cardiovascular workout than other conventional forms of exercise like running and jogging. It stimulates the flow in a manner that helps the body get rid of waste and toxins. It even focuses on better blood circulation and provides more oxygen to the blood resulting in better cardiovascular fitness.

2. Muscle toning

Trampoline exercises can help us tone the body by reducing the body fat percentage. Regular usage of the trampoline can improve body posture and general muscle health. The muscles are constantly engaged which enhances balance, stability results in a stronger stomach and lower-back health. It is instrumental in improving overall body strength, agility and flexibility.

3. Agility and coordination

It has been proved by many types of research that trampoline is unquestionably one of the best exercises to improve agility and body coordination. Since it requires a lot of movement in the air, bouncing on a trampoline increases body awareness and a sense of coordination and balance. The coordination of arms and legs is enhanced when we bounce and adjust the position of our body in the air. Better coordination helps us to perform in other activities as well. This is why many sportsmen consider trampoline bouncing as an effective way to enhance their reflexes and balance.

4. Bone strength

Bone diseases have become a norm these days. Trampoline exercise is an effective way to reduce the risk of bone conditions like fractures and brittle bone disease. The musculoskeletal system is put under stress and pressure while jumping which allows the bones to become stronger and cope with the pressure of rebound. The mineral condition of bone is also improved at the same time. Most of the impact is absorbed by the trampoline pad so the joints and bones are protected while exercising.

5. Stress relief

As mentioned earlier, a trampoline is an entertaining way to work on your body fitness. Furthermore, it can help combat anxiety, depression and stress by increasing the number of endorphins that are released by the brain. Daily springboard sessions can help you to relax, encourage better sleeping patterns and releases more energy. The circulation of oxygen is increased across the body enhancing mental performance and making a person more alert to their surroundings.

Penelope Torres

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