Unaddressed Debt Issues Can Eat You Up From Inside

May 24, 2019 • By Penelope Torres
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Debts if left unaddressed for a long time will affect your health negatively. It will eat you up from within as it will have diverse and unwanted effects on the functionality of your body and its different organs.

  • It will raise the blood pressure
  • It will make your heart work more and harder
  • It will change the entire metabolism of your body
  • Your blood being the primary carrier will deposit fats in your blood and
  • This will in turn result in a rise in the level of cholesterol in your bloodstream.

All these will raise the chances of several heart diseases including heart attacks and strokes.

The simplest way to make sure that you do not experience such situations is by making sure that you do not leave your debts unaddressed at all, not even for a month. Ideally, if you do not want your debt to show its negative side and your health to take a toll, you should always consider your debt, one or multiple, very seriously.

There are lots of ways in which you can take care of it. You can look up sites such as Nationaldebtrelief.com and others for that matter. When you look here you will find that debt settlement or filing for bankruptcy are not the only ways to get rid of your debts. There are other useful ways as well such as:

  • Creating and following a debt management plan
  • Consulting with a credit and debt counselor to find out easy ways to manage your debts and
  • Take on a debt consolidation loan of a larger amount to pay off your multiple debts with one.

Such small steps will take you a long way into debt management and help you to eliminate the negative impacts debt can have on your health. (1)

Few harsh truths

According to a few studies it is found that more than 80% of people having severe debt issues are found to have experienced the negative effect of debt on their health and lives as well. The study also says that:

  • Debt can affect your ability to work
  • It can also make relationships with your family members sour
  • It can lead to mental stress and anxiety at home and even at your workplace.

Different debt counseling agencies also come across several people who suffer from several diseases due to their deteriorating health, all because of their improper debt and finance management plans and procedures.

Reasons to avoid

It is also found by the debt counseling agencies that most people facing health issues come up with strange and lame excuses to avoid and hide debt. This leaves their debts unaddressed for a long time by which it accumulates to reach an uncontrollable stage.

  • If you have debts and find it difficult to pay them off every month it will not only affect you but it will affect the lives and relationships of your children as well. They will tend to stay subdued and depressed and unable to maintain a normal relationship with you. This is one primary reason why most people hide their debts from their close ones.
  • Another wrong thing to do is to feel ashamed about your debt and embarrassed about it. This type of attitude will prevent you from sharing your issues regarding your debts with your partner, friends, and parents. In turn, this will prevent you from getting different ideas about managing your debts.
  • Another significant reason for hiding debt is that people cannot admit and accept the fact that they are unable to manage their debt and are themselves responsible for such a failing situation.

Therefore, even if you are unable to manage your finance you should not avoid talking about it with your family, friends, parent, and if not them, with an experienced and reputed debt counselor. You will surely find ways in which you can reduce the stress of debt and find easy ways for its management in turn to eliminate the chances of ill health. (2)

The negative impacts

If you experience stress due to your debt, it can have different types of negative impacts on your health. These will be over and beyond just body pains and acute headaches. You may experience symptoms such as:

  • Eating disorders and following an irregular eating schedule
  • You may face problems in sleeping at night which may eventually result in insomnia or sleep apnea as well
  • This will result in laziness throughout the following day preventing you from staying active and
  • Lack of energy will result in a lack of concentration and will negatively affect your productivity.

Slowly but surely you will also experience other indirect issues regarding your health such as cessation of menstruation, loss of hair, palpitations, and lots more. Your ill health will also affect your marital life and may result in broken relationships as well. 

Get rid of anxiety

It is the constant fear of debt collection calls that leads to anxiety in you especially when you default on your debts or fall behind your repayment schedule a couple of times. If you can find ways to overcome this fear you will be able to overcome the anxiety.

  • The best way to do this is to start by admitting that you are in debt. This honest acceptance will open the path for discussion with others who can come up with several useful ways to deal with your debts.
  • Moreover, when you know that you are in debt and need to make payments you will not leave those emails in your inbox or letter box unopened. You will know the current status of your debt and plan accordingly, once again with the experts or your friends and family, for an easy way to come out of it.

When you address your debts early, you will not suffer from any nervous breakdown or frequent mood swipes. Often, these situations can last for hours and even days during which you will take all the wrong decisions making your situation even worse resorting to ways not favored such as taking drugs or even committing suicide to get respite from the continual debt stress.

Penelope Torres

She is a health blogger that knows exactly what readers expect from her writings on nutrition, health and wellness. She inspires them to act and educate them on nutrition and healthy living using real and scientifically-based facts that support her ideas.
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