How to use a Compound Miter Saw

March 14, 2018 • By Benjamin Wilson
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Using a compound miter saw is not complicated. Even so, many accidents happen every year. The causes of the accidents vary and it is important to know that a solid understanding of the saw is mandatory. (1)

Plan your movements

When it comes to the movements you make with a compound miter saw, it is important to see them before you proceed to make the cuts. Most solutions come with horizontal or vertical handlebars and they represent the foundation of your contact with the machine. You should keep the other hand clear of the saw and you should not touch the miter saw in any other location while running.

Understand hand and eye safety

Most accidents involve some type of hand injuries and even eye injuries. This is why it is crucial to keep your hands clear of the cut and even wear the proper eye protection. Interestingly, it is worth considering that every model comes with its safety guidelines and this is why you need to look for solutions that are easy to use and which give your a clear indication. Of course, using the miter saw under the influence of alcohol is forbidden.

Consider electric safety

The safety of the saw continues with the electricity outlet. When you cut in different locations, outdoors or in places where you can even encounter humidity and water it is especially important to use the compound miter saw in the optimum way which keeps the power cord clear of any types of hazards. Many of the compound miter saws are made with great durability and this includes the power cord, but you should always try to stay as safe as possible.

Focus on the right materials

The materials can also dictate the usability of the miter saw. This is why it is essential to know that you can maximize your results simply by choosing a solution that is easy to use and which is made specifically for your type of material. Even more, it is important to use the solutions which are right for you and which allow you the best performance, even when other users recommend you against best practices, as this situation is often the root cause of different accidents. A compound miter saw thus represents a great power tool if used according to the safety guidelines from the manufacturers. (2)

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