Vets are popularizing CBD for pets by taking a more pragmatic view about its legality

January 17, 2019 • By Sophia Smith
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There is a growing belief among veterinarians that CBD is a new addition to their arsenal in treating animals and pets that can work in perfect harmony with the current treatment protocols. The belief stems from the fact that CBD is safe and effective in animals except for its legality which remains shrouded in patches of gray. Some say it is illegal to use CBD while others are game for it, but everything said and done, there is yet no convictions happening from using it for medicinal purposes.

Moreover, the benefits of using CBD oil or CBD in any other form for pets have proved beyond doubt that it benefits the poor animals that suffer from age-related problems that manifest in the form of joint pain and inflammation.  HonestPaws CBD Oil for your dog or cat can treat conditions of epilepsy and seizures, allergies and skin problems, and even anxiety and phobias.

If you observe that your lovable pet moves sluggishly and loses its agility, it is a clear sign of some pain condition that comes with aging. Maybe, the poor animal has just a few more years to live, and like its owner, you have the responsibility of ensuring its good life so that it remains happy and healthy in the fading years.

When pets seem to struggle to move around, which is a definite sign of aging, you must act fast by administering some CBD product that provides relief and allows it to regain its natural movements. The slow and sluggish movements would disappear soon as the animal bounces back to the sprightly ways that could make it look younger by almost five years.

CBD for pets

As more and more people are recommending CBD for pets, it is time to take a close look at the natural compound extracted from the cannabis plant that courts controversy and praise in equal measures. While the controversy arises mostly about the legality of CBD, the praises are all about the medical benefits that it brings to the table and the reason for its popularity among pet lovers. Numerous examples prove the efficacy and effectiveness of cannabis on pets which relieves it from travel-related and other anxiety.  THC has proved to be an effective tumor inhibitor, and CBD works very well in pain management.

Cannabis is bad for animals if THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) content is high because dogs have a more complex endocannabinoid system as compared to humans and have many more receptors.  Naturally, the effects of THC that gives a ‘high’ to humans is more evident in dogs. Since CBD has little or no THC, animals can tolerate it well.  

The origin of CBD

A marijuana plant is a source of CBD, and it is also available from the hemp plant. But just because it originates from marijuana, you should not consider it bad because whether it is bad or good depends on THC content. While CBD or cannabidiol without THC is most preferred, even if it exists in minute quantities, it does not have any adverse effect on humans or animals. Therefore, instead of equating CBD with the dreaded marijuana, it is better to look at its chemical structure to ensure that it is free from THC so that there is no fear of giving a ‘high’ to pets. However, you should take heart from the fact that CBD oil used in medicine does not come from the marijuana plant but hemp plant which keeps it out from all legal controversies.

CBD is safe for dogs

Scientific facts are more acceptable because it is based on the results of studies conducted to find out the truth behind anything. Since facts and figures are undeniable proof, there is no room to defy it. Colorado State University carried out studies to determine the safety profile of CBD on dogs and confirmed that it is safe for dogs. Few more studies to determine the medicinal benefits on pets are underway like the efficacy of CBD in seizure disorders, nausea relief, appetite stimulation, allergic skin disease, osteoarthritis, and inflammatory bowel disease. A growing number of vets who are not much inclined to alternative treatments are now acknowledging the powers of CBD in treating pets for a happy and healthy life.

Hemp is equated with cannabis for no good reason

If cannabis is out of bounds for legal use, so also is hemp as it seems to carry the curse of THC that gives cannabis a bad name. THC causes ‘high' which is the reason for it receiving the ire of the law that sees all evils in it. But unless THC exceeds a certain limit, it does not cause ‘high.' It means that high THC is only bad. It will be too much to expect hemp with zero THC, but it can be present in a very small amount as low as 0.03% which does not have any impact on the endocannabinoid receptors, hence safe. However, US lawmakers are not ready to accept this argument which is why hemp came under the Controlled Substance Act, of 1937 and was labeled as a Schedule I drug.

CBD is now in the mainstream

Despite the ongoing debate about the legality of cannabis and CBD which can often confuse many people, there is clear evidence that CBD has proliferated into the mainstream.  Hemp farming is now legal and cleared for use for research only, but the signal is very clear that the US administration is soft-pedaling on CBD-related legal violations. This gives enough encouragement to sell and use CBD products no matter whether it is for humans or animals despite the federal laws still prohibiting its use.

A large section of Vets strongly believes that the gray areas of legality should never come in the way of animal care. They are now ready to use CBD for pets by ensuring that the oil, chews, or treats they recommend are free from THC. Since there have been no adverse reports about using CBD products for pets, there is a growing demand for them because of their ability to provide the highest care for animals.

Sophia Smith

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