What Are Bunions and How Can They Be Avoided?

September 25, 2023 • By Felicia Wilson
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If you’re experiencing bunions, you’re not alone - in fact, studies show that roughly 1 in 4 Americans experience bunions each year. Bunions are painful bumps that form on the base of your big toe joint as a result of an imbalance of pressure being placed on your feet. While traditional medical treatments are effective in treating bunions, numerous lifestyle changes may help prevent them from occurring in the first place, so you can avoid researching questions like, “how much is bunion surgery?” In this blog post, we'll discuss five ways to avoid bunions to keep your feet healthy and happy!

Avoid Improper Footwear

Wearing shoes that fit correctly is crucial for your comfort and safety. A shoe that is too big can cause your foot to slide around, leading to blisters and potential injuries. On the flip side, a shoe that is too small can be painfully tight, causing cramped toes, circulation issues, and medical complications such as bunions.

Give Your Toes Space to Breathe

When it comes to choosing shoes, you want to prioritize comfort and support. One often overlooked aspect is the width of the toe box. With more and more people spending extended periods on their feet, it's critical to keep your toes comfortable and breathable throughout the day. Opting for shoes with a wide-toe box is an easy but essential move. It will give your toes the space they need and help prevent issues like bunions, blisters, and toenail trauma, which can lead to discomfort and pain. Don't compromise on comfort; choose shoes with a wide toe box to give your toes more breathing room.

Avoid Uncomfortable Shoes Such as Heels

Wearing high heels or shoes with pointed toes can lead to serious foot problems, such as uncomfortable bunions. These shoes can squeeze your toes together and put pressure on the ball of your foot, leading to bunions, corns, and other painful conditions. Further, walking in high heels can alter your posture and put extra strain on muscles and joints, leading to back pain, leg pain, and even injuries. Ultimately, stylish shoes may look great, but ensuring they are comfortable and healthy for your feet is essential. So next time you’re shoe shopping, be sure to prioritize comfort and steer clear of high heels or shoes with narrow-toe boxes.

Use Cushioned Insoles to Ease Pressure

Our feet go through a lot daily, and caring for them is essential. Cushioned insoles are a simple solution to alleviate our feet' pressure and discomfort with every step. By adding cushioned insoles to your shoes, you can provide extra support and reduce the impact your feet experience while walking or standing for long periods. Whether you spend most of your day standing, walking, or running, cushioned insoles can make a world of difference in terms of comfort and overall foot health. Ensure you get the correct shoe size and type of insole to ensure maximum effectiveness and reap the benefits of happy feet!

Stretch Regularly

Our feet often bear the brunt of our daily activities, carrying us from one place to another without complaint. But over time, all that wear and tear can lead to stiffness and strain in the joints and muscles. That's why taking care of our feet and maintaining their flexibility is essential. One of the most effective ways to do this is by stretching regularly. Not only does stretching help reduce the risk of foot injuries, but it can also alleviate pain and discomfort caused by conditions like bunions.

Felicia Wilson

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