What Is A CrossFit Training?

Please explain CrossFit training

In the early 2000’s Greg Glassman designed an exercise program which he felt would benefit people of all ages. He believed that it was possible for people to stay fit and healthy long into their later years. He went about designing a routine which was made up of functional exercises used in daily life. His program set out a routine which would develop better muscle tone as well as aid in recovery from illness and surgery.

Glassman took his theory further by suggesting that people did not need to alter the exercises because they were older or not as strong as the next person. What he did change was the weight load, the time, and the intensity of his routine. By making use of this simple factor, there was no need to alter any of the routines. Glassman believed that even though one person was a weightlifter and another a senior adult, the same program would suffice.

So, who can do Crossfit?

Crossfit is suitable for all people who want to improve their fitness and health. Because of the routine which changes every day, there is less chance of becoming bored with the workout, and therefore less chance of skipping a day. Regardless of age and fitness level, the routine will work for anyone who tries it.

Because the exercises are high-intensity, it is important that you start at a pace which is comfortable for yourself. Do not try to compete or compare yourself with other people. When you start doing exercises with equipment, make sure you have a qualified trainer show you how to use them.

The routine includes:

  • Cardiovascular training
  • Stamina building
  • Strength and flexibility training
  • Agility and balance work
  • Accuracy improvement

And the benefits of Crossfit?

There are numerous benefits to the Crossfit routine, which include:

  • Better body conditioning: you will find that your body is better toned and firmer. This then leads to better posture, flexibility, and balance.
  • Faster weight loss: The routine is designed to burn more calories as it is very high in intensity. After just 10 weeks most people will notice a significant weight loss.
  • More results in less time: The program is designed to fit in with any daily routine, so when you have a spare hour, there will be exercises you can do at home, rather than go to the gym, thus saving time.
  • Less plateauing: Most people who go to the gym reach a plateau at some point. Because of the variety of exercises on the Crossfit program, there is less likelihood of becoming bored and so less chance of staying on a plateau.
  • Motivation and support: The program was designed to be done in groups, and this is encouraged. Even if you only have a trainer, you will feel supported and be encouraged along the way.

And how do I start?

The best way to start is to sign up with a Crossfit affiliate program. There are many to be found but we would suggest you opt for Pleasanton Crossfit where you will get the advice and support you need.


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