Why to avoid Anabolic steroids- Associated dangers with them

Anabolic steroids are drugs that are vastly used in body building and sports. They work same as testosterone hormone works within the body. These steroids enhance the protein synthesis within cells.

Users of these steroids have opposing effects on them. Due to their side effects they are not recommended for long term usage.  Though there are many side effects that are associated with these anabolic steroids but some of the most common ones are as follow:

Problems in Kidney:

Its long term use can lead to reduced functioning of kidney and after sometime kidney starts to get damaged. For increased rate of body mass, it is important that your kidney must be working properly so that filtration rate can be increased. Extensive use of anabolic steroids lead to hyper filtration injury which is increased level of stress on kidneys. Use of steroids has toxic effect on kidneys which results in damaging them.

Problems in Liver:

Along with kidney, use of anabolic steroids also affects liver. Anabolic steroids are metabolized in digestive system, due to which they affect liver. Along with it, other liver problems that are caused include; tumors in liver and peliosis hepatitis. If anyone is diagnosed with peliosis hepatitis, it means that he have cysts filled in his/her blood. And there are chances that it can cause cancer as well.

Psychological effects:

Users of anabolic steroids may experience hallucinations and delusions. If they are taking high dosage of these drugs they may also suffer from mood swings which are caused due to the imbalance of hormones. The mood swings are so high that one can’t image and it is not easily bearable. Users of these drugs are aggressive and are always ready to fight regardless of any authentic reason.

Skin Problems:

One of the most common problems faced by the users of anabolic steroids is acne. People who are using it for a long time may have acne on their face, shoulder and back. Along with it, usage of this steroid may also lead to baldness, oily skin and swollen cheeks. Moreover it can also cause cysts on the skincysts on the skin, visit site for more information. 

Female Problems:

Females who are using these drugs may have many problems but some of the major one is severe acne. When they intake this drug, their body interprets it as a testosterone is added in their body which causes hormonal imbalance. This leads in irregularity of periods and swollen clitoris. Moreover, prolong use of anabolic steroids may also lead to deepening of voice and hair growth on their whole body including face but her head hair starts to fall. There are cases in which women have lost their breasts and have high sexual urges after the use of these drugs.

Male problems:

Men who are using these steroids for a long time may develop some feminine aspects in them which include growth of breasts. Moreover, it might gradually decrease the sperm count which leads to infertility. Usage of this drug can also lead to shrinking of testicles. These problems are caused because the usage of these drugs leads to hormonal imbalance. Furthermore, using these drugs also causes baldness and development of prostate cancer.

Using anabolic steroids is never a safe option but due to the benefits it has, people are obsessed with them. But now they can use safe and natural alternates of these drugs. Many companies have introduced a wide range of legal steroids that are made from best natural ingredients due to which they are not only safe to use but are also considered as best legal alternates of anabolic steroids. They can help you get massive strength and lean muscle mass without any side effects.


Using anabolic steroids may be dangerous as they have some serious and irreversible side effects. But now one can have the same benefits but without any side effects by using legal steroids bodybuilding that are the best alternates of these steroids.

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