Columnar Fruit Trees: Create Your Own City Orchard with These Amazing Dwarf Fruit Trees

You have always wanted to have your own fruit orchard and pick crisp organic produce from the trees you have planted, but your wish seem unattainable because you live in an urban setting. Well, we have good news for you: there are beautiful hybrid sorts of fruit trees that take up a small amount of space since they grow in height, not in width.

These amazing fruit tree varieties are commonly called columnar fruit trees or urban fruit trees. They are also called Minarettes and Pillarettes. They grow in clusters along a slim trunk that looks like a spire.

This gives them a sophisticated and smart appearance that is very appealing for the city setting.  You can place them in a row along the private road as an unusual and beautiful entrance to your garden or they can serve as a remarkable edible ornament on your sunny patio. And you can enjoy the delicious aroma of your own home-grown fruits in due season.

Tips for growing your own dwarf fruit trees

You may think that these delicate trees are demanding in terms of care. That is not the case whatsoever. They thrive in USDA zones 4-8, meaning that they are quite tolerant of different climates. Only the extremely hot or cold weather conditions are not suitable for them.

 They need exposure to full sunlight and they have to be watered regularly, making certain that the soil does not become too soggy or too dry.  While they are growing, it is necessary to nourish the trees with a good-quality fertilizer.

The containers should be spaced 2 – 3 feet apart. Their maximum height should be 6-8 feet.

If you intend to cultivate miniature apple trees, we advise you to obtain at least two different sorts to enable cross-pollination. This is needed so that the tree could produce fruit successfully.

The weak and damaged branches need to be cut off to give way to the strong ones in order for them to support the weight of the fruits. This should be done regularly in the initial tender stage, and occasionally in the more mature stages.

What kinds of columnar trees are available on the market?

There is a collection of miniature fruit trees known as Thompson-Morgan fruit trees. It consists of the following fruit varieties:

-Cherry “Sylvia” – the amazing pink bloom of this miniature cherry tree will be the main attraction on your porch with the arrival of spring. Origin: Gisella 6.




Plum “Black Amber” – if you want to enjoy an abundance of succulent and aromatic purple plums, we heartily recommend this plum variety. The rootstock is Ferlinain.


– Pear “Doyenne du Comice”- This sort of a pear tree offers one of the most delicious and aromatic pear fruits on the market. Origin: Quince A.


– Apple “Gala” – this variety yields deliciously sweet apples of an attractive light red color. This apple sort is also ideal for juicing. The Rootstock is M27.


– Apple “Golden Delicious” – If you want to store apples for an extended period of time after picking, this beautiful golden sort is perfect for that purpose. It is not demanding for cultivation either. The rootstock is M9.


Starkbros columnar apple trees  

This is another variety of miniature apple trees available for sale.

Also known as Urban Apple trees or Colonnade apple trees, this sort offers you the chance to enjoy your own crisp apples grown in a big flowerpot on your balcony. You can also choose to plant them in your garden.  These attractive narrow trees grow in the upright direction. When they become mature, their height reaches a maximum of 10 feet and the ultimate width is 24 feet.

You will be able to observe the changing of the beautiful foliage shades in different seasons and the amazing pink and white blooms in spring.

If you are wondering if the slender miniature branches will produce big enough aromatic apple fruits, we would like to assure you that it will definitely happen each year. You will be able to enjoy their aromatic flavor and succulent texture in the raw form, or perhaps you will want to use them in sauces or jams.

Regarding their price, columnar fruit trees are a real value for money. They may seem to be quite costly, but you will be able to enjoy their external beauty and the delicious produce for at least 20 years.


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