Different Important Methods of Using Yoga Blocks

Do you find yourself interested in using yoga blocks? Do you want to know how to make the best use of it through different kinds of methods? Blocks of yoga can come about to be very much effective to use as in favor of the beginners and also the seasonal based yoga activities also. Now in order to make the use of yoga blocks, different methods are carried out purposely. Let’s share some of the important methods out there with you!

Method No 1: Forward Fold Yoga Block Method:

This method is best for the beginners who are newly set up into the yoga world. You can perfectly make the use of this method for bringing flexible approaches in your body. You have to merely sit on the edge of the block and remove the flesh underneath your butt as in favor of the better foundation. You need to make sure that the pelvis tilts forward a bit. You have to keep the hands on the shins or on the feet.

Method No 2: Pigeon Pose Yoga Block Method:

On the next, we would make you mention about the Pigeon pose with a yoga block. This method is best in terms of the condition of bringing flexible approaches in your hip and knee areas of the body.  To perform this method, you have to put the edge of the block directly under the sit bone. This block will be on the whole encourages the forward tilt of the pelvis that would be bringing the body into proper alignment. You need to bring the heart as in forwarding, and then root the fingertips into the ground under the shoulders, and spin the inner thigh of the back leg up.

Method No 3: Bridge Pose Yoga Block Method:

In the last, we would make you learn about the bridge pose in the yoga block method! This pose will encourage the inner thighs to draw the attention as on one another. You have to bring the knees in one alignment and lift in the pelvis.

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