Eating healthy and nutritious food may prove to be an ideal pavement and approach to build a firm, unyielding and resistant way to continuing recovery. Having gone through therapies for several months or have already spent painful days and night at the rehab, one should now realize the trauma the body has gone through during the addiction epoch that it now requires solid, taut and sturdy ways to recuperate from the vandalism and detriment it had to bear for years.


Malnutrition: Is one of the after effects of drug or alcohol addiction. The empty calories found in alcohol or drugs always make you feel full, which in return destroys or kills your urge to eat. The poor diet has its reactions on the digestive system often leaving the victim suffer from diarrhea, improper bowl movements or constipation.

Liver Damage: Constant intake of alcohol and drugs worsen the capacity of the liver to filter toxins. This process leaves the liver to swell, which may result in acquiring cancer and also reduces an already lackluster appetite.

Weak Immune System: The drug addiction enfeebles and debilitates the body’s immune system which destroys the capability of the body to naturally defend itself from external threats, which results in cancers like breast, liver or lungs.


This is a very plain and a simple question. And the answer to it is even simpler i.e. REAL FOOD. Something that is full of nutrition and genuine nourishment. Things those are more organic than pretentious and unhealthy cheesy and oily foods.

What they should eat is a diet absolutely rich in:

  • Protein
  • Fiber
  • Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Antioxidants
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals

At Rehab Near Me we bring into play six food groups that include animal protein, fruits, dairy, grain, plant protein and vegetables. We strive to produce the kind of food that has at least one serving of each group twice per day and completely abstain from having such food that doesn’t fall in any of these categories.


Here is a healthy and full of nutrients meal plan that an addict in the rehab should ideally have. Anything you dislike can be replaced with an equivalent ingredient or item.

Breakfast: there is a reason why is it called the most important meal of the day. It may include scrambled eggs combined with bell peppers, onions or vegetables of your choice to get your protein intake. A glass of fruit smoothie to balance the fiber intake.

Lunch: try your hands at some scrumptious chunky salads. Anything that includes lots of dark leaves like spinach or kale is preferable. For snack time you may like to stick to nuts, cheese or applesauce.

Dinner: Make it a combination of all three like protein, grain and vegetable. This would be lighter on your stomach not leaving you bloated and far better than any fast food burger or pizza.


This need to be practiced and avoided by hook or by crook. After all this much of struggle of fighting against your addiction habit, this routine of avoiding prohibited food items will make you recover faster and produce circumstances that add up to make you feel hale and hearty.

  • No sweetened beverages (sodas, sports drinks, etc.) including “diet” drinks
  • No candy (or highly sweetened foods)
  • No fried foods (i.e. chips)
  • No refined grains (use whole grains only)
  • Cereals should have more grams of fiber than grams of sugar
  • Dessert should only be served as dessert (once per day)

True recovery from substance addiction is attaining complete dominance and occupancy over your mind and body. Your desire should not be able to overpower your decisions but should be firm enough to turn them down in order to elevate and progress towards healthy life style. Eating healthy is one of those important measures that one should get their hands on.

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