How to Tie a Tourniquet

Guess that, you are on a mountain trail and out of nowhere a mountain cat comes to attack you. After fighting a lot, the cat will go away but you will find your leg is bleeding badly and it is unstoppable. As you are on the trail and of course there will be no doctor or clinic to help you. So what will you do now? Bleed to death? Obviously no! You have to know basic knowledge of first aid kit and emergency medical. As you are on the trail, it is obvious that you go for outdoor activities frequently. The medical techniques are a lifesaver. Here I will talk about the most practiced. First aid kit in outdoor and that is how to tie the best tourniquets.

Steps to tie a tourniquet:

These steps will help you to give an emergency treatment to control the blood loss before helps come. Stay focused.

  • When you are injured and your blood is just unstoppable, try to go into a safe place and protect your injured area from any unwanted disease. Use gloves to work in the injured area. This will keep you safe. The best glove to use is nitrile as they are cheap and safe to work with.
  • Now remove all the clothing’s from the wounded area if there is any. It is important to do because you have to see the condition of the wound.
  • It is time to use the gauze. You have to use it in the injured area. If you have no gauze, then use a towel or torn part of your shirt.

But these clothes are not safe to use. If possible try to avoid this. But even after using gauze, your bleeding is not stopping at all and your help is still far away than it is the high time to use a tourniquet.

There was a misconception that if you use a tourniquet, your wounded place may suffer limb loss and the organ gets paralyzed forever. But the truth is if you do not use a tourniquet in proper time than you may lose your limb.

Pick the compression bandage for your wound. No, don’t think that a tourniquet is a different thing that you will need to carry with you. Yes, for soldiers there is a special tourniquet which is known as the comet action tourniquet. For emergency, you will have to use different parts of your clothing like belts, shoelace, and backpack strap, sleeve shirt, the inner tube of your bicycle tec. Yes, these all are tourniquets, amazing right?

  • You have all of them with you. Just know the use when you are in an emergency. Oh! Another thing is required to close tight the tourniquet and that is torsion. It is like a stick, when you are in woods get a long and fresh stick to tighten the tourniquet. And if you have no stick like thing around you then take your knife, close the blade and wrap it with a cloth or sheet. It will work perfectly for a torsion device.
  • Now it is time to apply the tourniquet. Remember, it is only for the limbs not neck when you are bleeding, tear the clothes from the wounded area. Then use anything to wrap the arm or leg. Remember to wrap two inches away from the wound area. Don’t wrap the injured area, it will cause more damage. Now place the torsion device in the knot area. Then tie another knot to secure the torsion device. Now twist the torsion in the direction you want to move and do it till the bleeding is stopped.
  • Check your patient as he is suffering from shock after losing blood you will know when-

    The skin is cool and calm.

    Blue skin



    Rapid breathing

    No Sense

When you will see your patient is suffering from shock than you have to act fast. First, lay your patient flat on the back. Use a blanket or warm cloth to cover the body. Keeping them warm is main treatment.

Quick tip:

  1. Learn to use the tourniquet and take training for a better result.
  2. Try to learn to apply tourniquet when the bleeding is totally unstoppable. Make sure the pressure is well aimed and direct.
  3. The pressure should be not so strong or light, just sufficient enough to stop bleeding.
  4. Place it close to wound area, not over it.
  5. If your patient is middle of shock, don’t leave him alone. It may cause a fatal accident.
  6. When the help is coming late, wait one hour and release the tourniquet. If the bleeding starts again then again use the tourniquet. Note down the timing.

In wartime or in a hike, you may face the accident and it can’t be denied. You have to take precaution to stop the wound getting worse. Everyone has to know how to tie a tourniquet, it is really important and the lifesaver. You can save your life and your friends by knowing this emergency lifesaving method. You will not need any extra things to carry to apply this tourniquet. The apply method is easy and anyone can learn it. Just make sure to follow the proper way or else the wounded area will get worse, bleeding will not stop and the result is losing the life. If you stay outdoor frequently than learn to tie a tourniquet and be safe.

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