5 Fitness Profiles To Follow On Instagram For Better Workout

In the past people used to meet a personal trainer at the gym, in person, but now with technology the ways of personal fitness have evolved. Technologies like YouTube came about, and people would set up their own fitness profiles to gain views and subscribers. A technology that uses quick video clips and pictures called Instagram quickly won its way to our hearts, and began a new way that fitness experts can gain popularity.

For example, a woman trainer that does particular cardio work outs, would show clips and pictures of herself performing her own type of workout. Okay, so a man who is a bodybuilder, and won Mr Universe twice, would already have some kind of fan base. So if he started a YouTube or an Instagram and focused his content to bodybuilding and fitness, he could have a successful business and platform on his hands.

Let’s be honest, guys and girls alike search ‘ the gram’ for hotness and when a guy stops on a woman’s profile because she is showcasing herself and her work, it means he is clicking on her content for a reason. He thinks she’s hot!! So a woman with a fitness business in mind, could post pictures of her toned body and gain followers that way. Girls would want to be more like her and guys would want to be with her. It’s almost like the same situation as being in the gym in person. If a person is showcasing their bodies, it is a marketing tool and will attract attention and business opportunities as well.

There are many ways to market a fitness business, and here are 5 examples of fitness experts using Instagram!


Sjana Elise Earp is a yogi and fitness enthusiast who resides in Australia. Sjana demonstrates easy to complex yoga moves, but she is always in breathtaking locations. While you get your inner-yogi on, you can appreciate the unique and beautiful locations she is filming in front of…Or within, or behind, or on top of, or next to! She is a free-spirit, with an amazing body! If you don’t want to see yoga, and want to see a hot babe surfing on Australia’s awe-inspiring beaches, then check out her Instagram!


 Hannah Bronfman is a woman of many trades. She is an adidas brand ambassador, a DJ, a fitness guru, a foodie, and an all-around Instagram star! She is constantly posting tips, documenting her travel, and posts inspiring messages and photos meant to keep people motivated. She’s cute, bubbly, and absolutely LOVES life and fitness! Well, it shows! From her Instagram you would think she’s always at the gym OR always traveling OR always snuggling with her beau! She maintains some particular things to head up besides the common rituals. Income Artist can assist you to discover the real truths behind the popularity.

  1. christmasabbott

Christmas Abbott was a star on the show Big Brother, but she already had quite a following on social media. She wrote a fitness book, and started many social media platforms at the same time. She does all types of workouts but mainly focuses on strength. She always encourages women’s strong bodies. She makes “strong look beautiful!”


Andy Le or @__martialclub__ , is a martial artist and a stuntman. He is super passionate about his art, the art of tae Kwon do, flexibility, knowledge, AND the art of training smarter not harder. So he promotes mind and spiritual growth along with physical strength and growth. He is constantly posting video clips of himself doing crazy moves, or flexibility exercises, or other people he trains to kick and hit. He idolizes Bruce Lee, so if you can stomach the few posts about Bruce, then you’ll love this guy. If you are a martial arts enthusiast, and want to train with authentic martial artists, check out his Instagram!

  1. marcorivera12

Okay, if you are an inspiring bodybuilder OR have already achieved success as a bodybuilder, Marco Rivera is an Instagram bodybuilding star on the rise! He takes personal one on one training appointments, but he still does have quite a following throughout his media platforms. @marcorivera12 He just loves to motivate his audience, improve the diets of his viewers, and generally motivate anyone who checks his page out!

With Instagram serving as an awesome platform for fitness businesses, the trainers can use other social media to connect with their clients, or audience, or viewers. This is a powerful marketing tool, and an efficient Way to connect with their clients!

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