5 Reasons Why Your Parent Needs a Stair Lift

April 28, 2019 • By Penelope Torres
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You can probably think of several things you would much rather do than watch your parents struggle as they grow into their golden years, especially if they are beginning to encounter mobility issues.

According to an AARP survey, 87 percent of seniors age 65 and over want to remain in their homes as they age rather than move to an assisted living facility. This is typically referred to as aging in place, and it is a choice that may present unique challenges for seniors. Investing in a stair lift can help your parents address some of these challenges while allowing them to remain independent at home.

Stair Lifts Can Help Prevent Falls 

Mobility difficulties go hand-in-hand with safety issues. Those who are struggling to walk are more likely to fall, which could be devastating. Falls are the leading cause of injury-related deaths for people age 65 and older, so putting safety measures in place is crucial as parents age in place. With a stair lift, your parents can safely and easily move up or down the stairs as often as they want.

They Allow Access to the Entire Home 

Are your parents avoiding the second floor of their home? Do they stay downstairs during the day and return upstairs only at bedtime, even if they had other reasons to venture upstairs throughout the day? If so they may be having difficulty navigating the stairs. For some parents, a stair lift could mean the difference between struggling with mobility and having the freedom to go where they want.

They Encourage Independent Aging in Place 

Installing a stair lift along with any other necessary home modifications, such as accessible bathrooms and handrails, can greatly increase your parents' health and well-being and provide the confidence they need to age in place without worrying about limitations on their mobility.

They Can Save Money 

Assisted living centers tend to be expensive, so living in a residential care environment would drain your parents' assets drastically. The money you would invest in a stair lift would more than make up for the cost of residential care, and it would help your parents keep more of their own money to do with what they want. They could take a dream vacation for what a month or two in an assisting living facility would cost, and if you are lucky, maybe they will even invite you to come along.

They Can Provide You with Peace of Mind 

When your parents have a stair lift at home, you may have greater peace of mind knowing you will not have to worry so much about them falling or struggling to walk up and down the stairs, and you will know that they can access all areas of their home whenever they want.

A stair lift can help your parents remain independent as they age in place with the ability to move around freely in their home and a decreased risk of falls. This can greatly add to their quality of life and give them the freedom they need to spoil their grandchildren or even great-grandchildren for many years to come.

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