Advantages and Disadvantages of Pure Hemp Botanicals Vape

August 20, 2019 • By Penelope Torres
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e-cigarette VAPE is different from products compared to regular cigarettes since it does not contain nicotine or tar. Vape is a liquid containing perfume that is inhaled with electronic cigarettes, and the vapor produces simulated smoke. It is a "CBD liquid" that contains the CBD component in the liquid (liquid).

Because the sale of liquid containing nicotine is prohibited in some developed countries, all electronic cigarettes distributed there will not contain nicotine. Also, please check some pure hemp botanicals vape review CBD online to make sure the product fits you.

The electronic cigarette is a method of heating the liquid such as liquid using special equipment such as VAPE and Vepolizer, and heating it until it evaporates the components and sucks the vapor. You can enjoy it without suctioning harmful substances.

The Components in CBD Vape Juice

In addition to CBD, the ingredients include propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), and perfumes.

Propylene glycol (PG) is a colorless, clear, odorless alcohol that is a food additive contained in udon and rice balls. It is also used in medicine and cosmetics. Vegetable glycerin is a kind of alcohol made from vegetable oil such as palm fruits and palm oil.

The liquids used in VAPE (Vapé) and Vepolizer are also called E Liquid, E Juice, and Bap Juice, and E Liquid containing various types of aromas and ingredients is sold. Above all, liquid containing CBD becomes "CBD liquid".

CBD liquid refers to E liquid containing cannabidiol (CBD) which is one of the cannabinoids contained in cannabis and has no psychoactive effect.

CBD contained in CBD liquid has many effects (though there is no official medical statement on this). For example:

  •             Anti-inflammatory
  •             Analgesia
  •             Antioxidant
  •             Anti-anxiety
  •             Stop vomiting
  •             Neuroprotection

Pure hemp botanicals vape review CBD on the internet usually uncovers other positive effects of CBD.

Advantages of using CBD liquid/ CBD Vape Juice

#1 The effect is fast because it is a sucking type

Unlike CBD oil and so on when suctioning CBD with VAPE (Bap), it is characterized by a high degree of penetration into the body. As it is different from oral, it can be taken directly into the lungs and taken into the bloodstream without going through the internal organs (digestive organs, liver etc.), so you can feel the effect immediately with a small amount. (1)

 #2 It is harmless compared to cigarette smoking

It is said that tobacco smoke contains a large amount of harmful substances and contains more than 50 types of carcinogenic substances. However, VAPE heats only to the temperature (160-180 ° C) that vaporizes E liquid, so there are far less harmful substances than cigarettes that burn at a high temperature above 200°C.

#3 There is no smell of tobacco and many kinds of flavors

Unlike tobacco smoke, VAPE generates "steam". So, there will be no smells on your hair, clothes, etc. CBD liquid flavors have also increased. Therefore, you can enjoy pure smell, flavor and so on.

#4 It can maintain CBD level in the body

As you can feel the effect within a few minutes after aspiration, you can adjust the number and amount of dose by yourself. It is also possible to inhale several times a day and maintain CBD levels in the body at all times.

Disadvantages of using CBD liquid/ CBD Vape Juice

#1 There is a concern about safety

Basically, there are many ingredients that are safe and have no problems, but it cannot be said clearly that there is no possibility that they will turn into harmful substances when heated.

The safety recognized by current medical studies is only for oral (oral) and percutaneous ingestion. It is pointed out that PG inside the vape may generate formaldehyde, which is a carcinogen, when it is heated, and it is known that when it is heated, VG changes into a highly toxic substance called acrolein.

The degree of harmfulness is totally safer than regular cigarette of course. However, it is better to avoid to use it if you have specific health concerns such as allergies, lung chronic illness, or mentally unstable. Therefore, when purchasing a CBD liquid that is sold domestically, we recommend that you check the ingredients carefully.

#2 CBD liquid is sometimes expensive

As for the cost side, the price varies depending on the CBD liquid and concentration. There is a CBD liquid that costs hundreds of dollars for high concentration, and cheaper for low concentration. You should check out pure hemp botanicals vape review cbd online for further information about the price.

Why do some people want CBD Vape Juice?

Current medical treatment immediately recommends us to use "drugs" or perform "surgery".

"Medicine" and "surgery" in medical treatment brings great results. However, it is also a fact that there is a disease that does not show the way to cure even with modern medicine. There is also a side effect as a consequence.

As of today, I think it would be fine if there is also a “natural remedies” option like CBD. Because our bodies are a part of nature, it is never good to take too much of chemical substances as medicine in our body.

There are still some unknown parts about the effects of CBD. However, it may be better to have a more natural health solution like CBD!

How to choose a CBD liquid that is reliable?

First of all, let's check what kind of component is included. The ingredients of CBD liquid are mainly PG, VG, CBD, perfume, etc. However, it may contain essential oils etc. It is better to have natural additives if possible.

Then, make sure that each manufacturer's CBD product is inspected by a third party for quality check. It is the job of a third party to check whether the CBD content is included among with heavy metals, pesticides, and more. To know this, many overseas manufacturers of CBD products often publish their test results on the web. (2)

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