Anatomy of Love: Strange Indications To Tell If He is The One

September 14, 2018 • By Sophia Smith
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Most women realize they have found the one, the man who was a great lover and could have become a great husband and father, only after losing him. Of course, you always have a chance to get your ex back. To find out how to visit However, what if you are still dating the one whom you are going to miss all your life if you break up with him? You just need to take a closer look at him, his talents and merits, and we will help you do that while it is not too late.

Most women fail to notice he is the one for two reasons. First of all, they want to have a perfect relationship, like those created with a love spell. They have an idea of the perfect man and compare all men they date to him. Unfortunately, relationships that look like a never-ending honeymoon happen only in movies and novels, while real-life relationships, even really good ones, are much more prosaic and down-to-earth. As for the man of your dreams, are you really ready to break up with a good guy just because he is a few inches shorter and less athletic than he is?

Take a good look at the guy you are dating. Do not start with his appearance because his good looks and good shape will be gone as he ages. Of course, it is a different story if you find the man very unattractive, not to say physically repulsive.  But if you think he is okay but you would like to be with someone who looks a little better, please do to jump to conclusions because appearance is the last thing you should look for in a man.

Italians say that for a couple to be happy, the woman should be smart rather than beautiful and the man should just be a man. Being a man in all countries means not having shiny hair or wide shoulders but keeping one’s word and taking responsibility for the woman to whom he says, “I love you.”

We are pretty sure you are already checking your boyfriend for the signs that he is the one, so let us continue talking about these signs.

First of all, it is him being hardworking. In our world, the price of success is hard work. Some people succeed because they are lucky but this is rare. So if your man is a lazy dreamer who does nothing but makes plans, he is not the right man for you or anyone else. People rarely change their attitude towards work. So if your man was hardworking while you were dating, be sure he will keep working hard after you get married and have children and you can always rely on this man.

Secondly, it is his faithfulness. If you have been dating for less than a year and he has already cheated on you, he will cheat on you again. Statistically, the longer you are together, the more frequently he will cheat on you if he is a cheater and nothing can stop him. The man who is right for you should be as faithful as one under love spells. Otherwise, there is no point in building a relationship with him because it will never make you truly happy. 

Thirdly, it is his ability to keep his word. If he has it, it is a great sign. It means he can do more than just keep his word. It means he can also set goals and reach them. So even if he is not making a lot of money today and his job is not well-paid, eventually, with the right goals set, he will get rich and achieve great success.

Fourthly, it is the quality of your sex. It is difficult to imagine how two people can spend their whole life together without enjoying sex with each other. It is a nightmare. If you like sex with your partner, eventually it will become even better because true sexuality is revealed in partners not when a love spell is put on them but after a few years of living together.

There are two great ways to see what kind of person your boyfriend really is. The first one is when you show up at his place when he does not expect you. This will give you more information about the man than anything else. Is he messy or a clean freak? Does he have any bad habits (for example, you can see empty beer cans scattered around the house)? The other way is to go on vacation together, preferably to some exotic country, because a person’s true colors are revealed in the crisis.

According to psychologists, before trying to seduce a man or putting love spells on him, go to an expensive restaurant with him. Your goal is not to see how generous he is, how well-mannered he is, or what kind of food he likes. Your goal is to watch him talk to other people. Is he confident or shy and insecure? He is friendly with the waiters or arrogantly gives orders to them? Is he checking out other people or focusing only on you? Believe us this is a great way to see what kind of man your boyfriend is and if he is worth fighting for.

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Sophia Smith

She is a renowned nutritionist and freelance writer whose topics of interest include healthy living and healthy eating. She is passionate about introducing new and delicious healthy meals while balancing her time between cooking and going to the gym. Her mission is to change the life of as many people as she can and make them the best version of themselves.
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