How Long-Time Friends Become Romantically Involved  

April 8, 2021 • By Benjamin Wilson
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When you spend every waking hour with a best friend, one or both parties could develop romantic feelings along the way. Believe it or not, this is not that unusual. It happens more times than you could imagine. Unfortunately, things do not always turn out as they should for some couples. Others will go on to get married, buy a house, and have children together. Happy times for happy couples! Losing a long-time friend can take its toll on your mentality and physicality.

Long-time friends become a single unit, whether they want to or not. It just happens naturally. People begin to view them as long-time friends, expecting them to always be together. No one may be onto the couple’s romantic involvement. In these cases, a breakup could make living in the same town or city very awkward for one or both partners. But, why do people take their long-time friendships to the next level? Find the answer to this question and much more in the content provided below.

Support Means Everything 

When you have a friend who is willing to drop everything to be there for you in your time of time, you cannot help but notice it. Those around you notice it as well. Many long-time friends are not afraid to admit their feelings. They are open about their love and respect for each other. There is just something about friendship and love. It is much different than romantic love because it comes without strings attacks. Yes, you are devoted to your best friend but that is about as far as commitment goes.

Friendship support could be the difference between being alone and having a shoulder to cry on. Anyone could sympathize with someone who falls madly in love with their long-time supportive friend.

Spending Every Waking Minute Together 

You could spend every waking hour with your friend playing tennis, watching VR porn, shopping at the local mall, attending get-togethers, reading a book, or surfing the World Wide Web. And, not knowing when your feelings began to change. To avoid a disruption in the relationship, you must tread cautiously. This will not be easy, but you must determine if your long-time friend shares your romantic feelings.

While it is likely, that you are your friend have shared some physical contact from time to time, it had nothing to do with romance. Before you blurt out your feelings, you need to determine how your friend is feeling. You can do this by finding excuses to make physical contact with your friend.

Instead of grabbing your friend’s arm or shoulder, gently touch or caress it. Now, as yourself was his/her response what I expected. If the physical contact is reciprocated, your friend may have romantic feelings for you as well.(1)

Friendship Is Threatened 

Some friends may not realize their romantic feelings until the friendship is threatened. For example, a friend has just started dating a classmate, omitting you from the picture altogether. When this happens, you must determine if your feelings are jealousy or love.(2)

Benjamin Wilson

He is a fitness trainer and part-time blogger interested in nutrition and in leading a healthy lifestyle. He writes smart and inspirational articles on nutrition supported by scientific research and his own personal experience in the healthcare industry.
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