Sophia Smith

She is a renowned nutritionist and freelance writer whose topics of interest include healthy living and healthy eating. She is passionate about introducing new and delicious healthy meals while balancing her time between cooking and going to the gym. Her mission is to change the life of as many people as she can and make them the best version of themselves.

Jewellery That Are in Vogue for Men

The world has become very trendy in the modern era with not only the fashion statement sticking to the women's zone. It is the masculine who take the ramp walk as well in each fall. And to add to the spices, they come in fabulous clothes made by the designers and also they can be... Read More

How to Choose the Best Electric Toothbrush - Tips and Recommendations

Buying an electric toothbrush is essential to keep our teeth clean and gums healthy. First, brushing your teeth with an electric toothbrush instead of a manual toothbrush is more effective in eliminating bacterial plaque, the main culprit of the appearance of oral problems as common as cavities... Read More

Celiac and Thyroid Diseases: Common Triggers and Health Relationships

Autoimmune diseases are often associated with interconnecting illnesses, share common triggers, and come with almost similar signs and symptoms. At the first glance, it would make the medical practitioner think twice and undergo the patient to several tests to verify the real disease. In the case... Read More

Problem of Baldness and its Solutions

Many people are facing the problem of baldness due to a variety of factors like stress, genetically prone, diabetes, smoking, etc. in the case of minor baldness many times it can be treated with home remedies but in the case of excessive baldness or when the home remedies are not showing any result... Read More

10 Mistakes to Avoid While Using A Self Tanner

Getting a sun-kissed appearance has always been a dream for women but that means a lot of work. You need to spend hours out in the sun to get that golden hue for your skin. And of course, there is a risk that you may get sunburn. If done repeatedly for prolonged periods, it can... Read More
what happens to your body when you eat an avocado a day

Read These 5 Tips for a Healthy and Balanced Physical Body

It’s hard work, getting and staying healthy. And with so many different bodies and so many different diets, exercise regimens, and fitness apps all vying for your attention, the world of health can be confusing and intimidating. But the good news is that when it comes to getting healthy and... Read More

Here Are The Best Super foods For Eye Health

When it comes to maintaining eye health, many people assume that taking vision supplements is the only way to go.  While taking eye health supplements can be beneficial in treating vision problems, there are other options as well.  Superfoods are foods that are exceptionally nutritious and can... Read More

Does Really Using Medical Cannabis Helps You To Get Rid of Flu or Cold?

Just like other people, you might be apprehensive about cannabis because of the ways it is linked with illicit activities.     But then, no one can deny the growing evidence showing how cannabis from a medical marijuana dispensary could help with health conditions, such as cold and flu. Let’s... Read More

Best Fitness Tips for Toned Body

Body Fitness and a toned body is everyone’s dream but due to work pressure and other life problems, we forget about our body health and start bingeing on fast and junk food which further adds to bad health and stressful life over time. So we need to mend our ways and embrace some changes in... Read More
essential oils

Top Essential Oil Choices To Cure Nausea

With the increase in work pressure and unhealthy lifestyle people generally tends to get in influenced by many ailments in their life like fever, different infections, headaches, and nausea not once but any time in their lifetime. The reason for these is quite common like eating too much or too... Read More
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