Do Air Purifiers Help With Pet Hair?

March 22, 2018 • By Benjamin Wilson
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There happen to be much noise about air purifiers in recent time. The news over the discussion of air purifiers is such that is on the increase due to their said ability to help clean and purifies the air of unhealthy particles in apartments.

However, to some extent, the level of confirmation from users of various forms of purifiers shows there is a substantial level truth about their high-quality purification functions. But the question now is ‘Do the air purifiers helps with pet hair’? Going further in this write-up would; however, help conclude on the right answer to the question.

Nonetheless, it is still necessary to brief reader about air purifier functions to enable everyone this piece to tag along well.

How do air purifiers function?

Air purifiers possess specific capabilities that enable them purifies the air through filtering airborne particles, germs, smoke, pet dander and pet hair among many others. These unhealthy substances are sucked in into the air purifiers where they are trapped and prevented from getting back into the atmosphere. Some of the purifiers can neutralize the sucked in particles while others can only retain them in the purifiers.

How to maintain air purifiers

Air purifiers at least for now can't work infinity. There will always be a time that some level servicing needs to carried out on the purifiers. Remember that the purifiers work by sucking-in of unwanted air particles. The particles are prevented from getting out into the air again, this, therefore, means the dirt would continue building up inside the purifiers and would need to be removed at a point else the filtering performance of the purifiers would start decreasing. The forms of maintenance, however, range from taking out filters to be washed and be cleaned of dirt before replacing back, and for purifiers that come with filters that are not washable; the old ones must be replaced with a new one.

Typical features of pet air purifiers

  • Filters
  • Vacuum fan
  • UV light
  • Display light
  • Carbon filter
  • Air quality sensor

Benefits of pet air purifier

  • They help with air pollution
  • They reduce airborne allergies
  • They boost the quality of air in one's immediate atmosphere
  • Helps in removing pets airborne hairs
  • Works well in neutralizing smoke from the air.
  • Helps eliminate pet mold, bacteria, germs and the like from the atmosphere
  • Above all, it gives occupants the chance to breathe in health-friendly air.

Do Air Purifiers Help With Pet Hair?

Pet air purifiers have come a long way in purifying the air of airborne particles, germs, and pet’s dander to mention a few. But to hit the nail squarely on the head, they do not entirely eradicate pet hair in an environment. Picture a dog jumping up from one of those unique cozy dog beds; that would result in some hair floating in the air because of the movement.

Those free pet hairs can be handled by strong air purifiers depending on how near they are located. However, if you look closely on the dog bed or probably in tight corners of your sofa, you would discover that there are still some strands of dogs or cats hair sticking to the bed. And in such situations, even a high-performance purifier will not be able to remove those sticking strands of hair. But the floating pet hairs have no other choice than to be sucked into the purifier.

The complete solution to pet hair

Irrespective of the capacity of air purifier to handle pets' fur sticking to places like sofa, rugs, on interactive dog toys, curtains among others, there is still an alternative way to get those stuck hairs off those materials. And the answer is vacuuming machines. Vacuum machine is forms of air purifiers in the sense that they also suck pet hair and other unwanted particles from the air. However, they are equipped to do more, as they can retrieve any form of pet hair sticking to any place or corners. The vacuum machine also comes in different sizes and has the same functions as the typical purifying machine but can be moved around to specific sections you want to sanitize.

Can air purifier completely eliminate pet odors?

Air purifiers have proven to be useful in helping with odor emanating from pets in an apartment. However, what they can't handle is the source of those odors which are the pets themselves. So, what is left if the purifiers can't eliminate the scent? It's just to keep suppressing the smells that would keep come from the pets on a continuous basis.

In conclusion, notwithstanding the limitation of purifiers to entirely remove pet hair stuck to things as chairs, electronic interactive dog toys and rugs among other, they have been proven to be outstanding in the removal of airborne particles. And also, you have the alternative form of purifiers (vacuum) that can help reach where the purifiers cannot get to in getting rid of pets hair that has refused to float in the air. So, in the bid to eliminate pet hair, the combination of potent an air purifier and a handy vacuum will sure get the work done.

Benjamin Wilson

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