laughter benefits

13 Health Benefits Of Laughter And Why You Should Laugh More

Have you ever wondered why children always bring positive vibes into your life? They laugh around 300 times per day, while you, only 17 and sometimes even less as adults. (1) Smile and happiness are contagious and positive vibes spread easily. They easily make human bonds. We always like to be... Read More
beet root kvass

6 Beet Kvass Benefits And Why Is Beneficial For People With Diabetes?

If you are looking for another healthy fermenting recipe in your cooking repertoire, you should try one of the most beloved beverages from Slavic Eastern Europe. It is very popular in Russia and it has been used as a folk medicine for centuries for treating many diseases. It is a Russian beverage... Read More
kidney detox juice recipe

3 Best Kidney Detox Juice Recipes

Kidneys are amazing tiny organs located below the ribs, on both sides of your spine. They play a vital role in our bodies and filter out any toxins and waste from the bloodstream. Toxins can affect almost all the organs in your body, so keeping your kidney health is crucial for your overall health.... Read More
pickle juice benefits

9 Potential Health Benefits Of Drinking Pickle Juice

The first thought that probably pops into your head when you think of drinking pickle juice is that it’s unappetizing or even gross. Well, here’s a little piece of advice: Next time you eat pickles, don’t toss out the juice. Is It Healthy To Drink Pickle Juice? Believe it or not, this liquid... Read More
health benefits of onion and honey

6 Health Benefits Of Onion And Honey Mixture And Why It Is So Powerful?

Why Are Onion And Honey Good For Your Health? Onion and honey are powerful superfoods that are very healthy and have been used as home remedies since ancient times. Let's see some of their benefits for your overall health.  Onion Health Benefits Onion is a vegetable species that belongs to the... Read More
healthiest vegetables

20 Healthiest Green And Most Nutrient Dense Vegetables To Eat Everyday

It is not a secret that eating vegetables can make a big impact on your life and you will be on a way to having a healthier and longer life. They are a gift from nature and are filling, flavorful, and perfect for various types of dishes, such as soups, salads, smoothies, and sandwiches. If... Read More
feel tired all the time

10 Medical Reasons Why You Feel Tired All The Time

If you feel tired and have no energy to function normally and be productive throughout the day, you are not alone. Almost 70 % of all Americans do not get proper sleep at least one day a month. (1) You probably have a packed schedule ( you are a parent working five days a week... Read More
benefits of coconut water

14 Benefits Of Drinking Coconut Water For Men And Women

Coconut milk or coconut water? Are you feeling a little bit confused? It is very easy to confuse them, but they are different. Coconut water is a clear natural liquid, and 95 % of it is pure water it is a great ready-to-drink beverage for dehydration, especially after workouts, and to support... Read More
garlic honey and lemon

Boost Your Immunity With Lemon, Honey And Garlic Natural Tonic

As modernization grows, everyone is concerned about their health, no matter their age. Fortunately, we have superfoods such as garlic and honey that come directly from nature, which can help us treat various ailments. They even have a better effect when combined as it comes with a garlic honey... Read More
full body cleanse detox

A Full-Body Cleanse Detox: Is It Necessary?

Full-body cleanse detox is a practice that is frequently advertised on TV, social media, and in magazines. This practice is believed to help remove toxins from your body, promote weight loss, and improve your overall health. But is this really so? In this article, we’ll talk about what a... Read More
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