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teeth brushing

5 Tips to Take Care of your Dental Health

We all want healthier and brighter teeth, don’t we? And the only right way to do so is to maintain a good oral hygiene routine. Many people have a misconception that oral health only focuses on gums. However, Oral hygiene and health are not limited to gum diseases and cavities. Various studies... Read More
Mediterranean food

3 Key Benefits of The Mediterranean Diet

Out of all the diets and superfoods, the Mediterranean diet sticks out like a sore thumb - in a good way. United States health experts ranked it as the number one best diet overall for 2022. When it comes to healthiness, it has a profoundly high score. In fact, the Mediterranean diet can offer... Read More
natural colon cleanse

Effective And Natural Colon Cleanse

The food that we consume every day may accumulate in our digestive system, including the colon. But this accumulation may turn toxic in the long run and lead to some severe health conditions such as high blood pressure and arthritis. Therefore, it is good to cleanse your colon from time to time and... Read More
Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric Surgery: Does The Benefit Outweigh The Risks?

There is no doubt that obesity can cause serious health issues. These conditions can threaten overall physical and emotional health. The prevalence of obesity is as high as it has ever been. With this high level of obesity, comes a rise in the number of surgical procedures – bariatric surgeries... Read More
body's natural painkiller

How To Boost Endorphins - Body's Natural Painkillers?

If you suffer from chronic pain, it can make it hard to go about your daily activities and life in general. Many people use pain relief medications, but their long-term use can lead to serious side effects. Some studies found that long-term use of ibuprofen may increase the risk of stomach ulcers,... Read More
aratilis benefits

Kerson Fruit And Kerson Tea Health Benefits

People living in Indonesia, Mexico, or the Philippines might not have the privilege to eat ripe mouth-watering cherries and enjoy their tart flavor, but they have a worthy replacement and, with no surprise, rich with many nutritional benefits. The fruit is called Karson, or Muntingia calabura... Read More
face massage benefits

9 Facial Massage Benefits

There are various skin care products that promise to keep your skin looking youthful, fresh fine – line-free, and reduce puffiness. Some women indulge themselves with facial massages and spend extravagantly to feel relaxed after a busy week. But, how about doing this super easy technique by... Read More
magnesium stress relief

Magnesium Is One Of The Best Supplements For Stress Relief And Anxiety

Magnesium is an important mineral that plays an essential role in our body. It can be found in various types of food, but sometimes should be taken in supplements to increase the intake, in particular in people that are magnesium deficient. Magnesium deficiency may have serious effects on your... Read More
herbs for memory and focus

11 Herbs And Spices To Improve Brain Memory And Get Better Focus

Have you felt unfocused, fuzzy, or tired lately? Your brain is constantly deciding, analyzing, or focusing and trying to process too much information, so it is not a surprise your mental energy sometimes decreases and your brain cannot work at its best. In addition, as we age, there are some... Read More
health benefits of guava leaves

9 Health Benefits Of Guava Leaves Tea

In tropical parts of the world, drinking guava tea is part of everyday life. This should not come as a surprise, as it is rich in nutrients and has a delicious flavor. The young guava leaves are brewed to make this healthy tea. Let’s see why this magical beverage is so popular in South America... Read More
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