QACQOC USB C HUB Adapter - Review

January 24, 2018 • By Benjamin Wilson
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This is a changing world. Different technological advancements are being made each year. Mobile phones have now become smartphones and computers have become laptops, Mac books, and Mini laptops.

Many different devices have been made to modify the functioning of these devices. I present to you the QacQoc Aluminum Multi-Port type C.

This is a USB C HUB Adapter with 8 ports built by the company QacQoc to modify device charging and data transfers between devices.

First up, let us look at the design and features of the adapter.

The QacQoc Aluminum GN30H Type C HUB comes with the following features;

  • One HDMI Port
  • One Gigabit RJ45 type slot
  • Three USB ports
  • One SD card slot
  • One Micro SD card slot

The product is uniquely made and different from the other normal adapters because it is designed very distinctly from the rest. It is;

  • Made of an aluminum alloy body.
  • Made with an ionized finish to prevent manipulation and easy destruction.
  • The cable house is reinforced to enhance durability by itself.

The device can and may be used for transferring data and charging simultaneously since it provides power for larger devices at a voltage of Fourteen point five to Twenty volts per piece.

This allows it to supply power to MacBook, Chrome book Pixel, and many other power-needy devices.

It also lends a helping hand with the fact that it is multi-functional and can be used to transfer data and charge devices simultaneously.

Though seems like a good deal for only 59.99$ on sale, some of its features are less impressive such as;

  • The presence of the multiple slots is less effective when it comes to Asus devices such as the Asus Zen book 3, Asus Transformer 3Pro, and also the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 5.

The QacQoc GN30H is not compatible with the listed products and this is a downfall for the manufacturing company.

  • The HDMI output works just perfectly with all products except HP laptops.

It is not compatible with the laptops either.

This just lowers their market and saleability for people operating with HP devices making them opt for other devices to perform the same task.

Some may also opt to use the normal modes other than use non-compatible devices.

Cons found with the device were also found to be simple remedies and solutions.

These were;

  • The HDMI does not support free sync.
  • This is just a minor setback. The issue was addressed to the company manufacturers and assistance could be got from
  • The device only works with a USB C device.
  • This again is very minor because most device manufacturers put the USB C in place for their products for easier compatibility.
  • The device is said to still heat up after prolonged use.

These are reports from customers from experience.

This was addressed by the manufacturing company but can still be remedied by upgrading laptops and other devices to their latest versions. This is a problem that may arise from data traffic due to slower transfers.

Other than the stated minor issues the device is of good quality and design. The fact that it is double-coated gives it a good feel and durable lifespan for use anywhere.

It is also small in shape making it easily mobile and can be carried easily even in a pocket. What good is a product if it cannot suit your locomotive nature as a person?

The device allows people to share ideas and do presentations through its data transfer feature.

One can also browse pictures, watch, stream, and send movies to the Television from your PC.

The faster data transfer from anywhere is an advantage for an impatient lot of people and also the patient and calm. Frankly, it can suit everybody, in place, time, and function.

The USB C cable is flexible to allow manipulation and durability.

This makes it not easily broken nor destroyed. It can therefore reverse freely through an angle of three hundred and sixty degrees.

The aluminum alloy body with an ionized finish is made in such a way that radiation is easily done and heating is reduced, unlike the normal adapters that heat up after a short time of use.

The QacQoc GN30H can be used by multiple ports simultaneously yet will perform faster and better.

In light of the above, the QacQoc Aluminum Multi-Port type C is an expensive but additional product to the digital market which is of good quality.

The minor setbacks are addressable and should be done so in due time.

It should also be made available to different countries to expand on market and sales.

Benjamin Wilson

He is a fitness trainer and part-time blogger interested in nutrition and in leading a healthy lifestyle. He writes smart and inspirational articles on nutrition supported by scientific research and his own personal experience in the healthcare industry.
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