The Different Stages Of Being High On Weed

December 13, 2019 • By Benjamin Wilson
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Being High On Weed

When you smoke weed, you will get high, but in beautiful stages. If you're a newbie, here are the different stages of being high on weed.

Smoking weed is a lot of fun for a lot of people. There's a reason it's on the rise as one of the most-enjoyed recreational drugs, and why it's being further legalized across the world.

But for the less experienced smoker, the different stages you go through when you get high can be a bit alarming. It can even cause you anxiety or paranoia, something that can turn even the most enthusiastic smokers away! 

Don't go into your session unprepared. Here's a little guide to the stages of being high. (1)

The Come Up

You might not feel much the first few seconds after you take a toke, but give it a minute and you'll start to feel it. It's a subtle feeling that hits some people differently than others, and also depends on the strain and intake method, but the signs are always familiar.

You might feel your eyes get heavier and become more aware of your mental processes. You get a little giggly, your mood starts to elevate, and anticipation grows. It's like going up a big hill on a rollercoaster: it's not what you're there for, but you know the best part is coming.

This is the time when paranoia might soak in for newbies, but don't fear. Once the buzz hits everything only gets better. (2)

The Buzz

This is the phase where your friends start making comments about your red and squinty eyes and the fact that you won't stop smiling. Your mood is elevated and your thought processes are warped. You're still aware and functional at this stage, but you'll feel "looser" in your body and mind, and be aware of the high.

If you've only smoked a little (a joint or a small hit from a pipe for example) this might be the extent of your high, but if you keep smoking your buzz will soon become a full-blown high. Some people like the buzzed stage the most, and seek it out as their pique by smoking only a puff or two of a joint or vaping a little. It's the best feeling if you need to go somewhere and remain functional or want to be high on the down-low.

The Peak (Hello Munchies)

The next (and best) stage is the full-blown high. This stage can be achieved by taking a couple of extra hits off that joint or vape, a big pipe bowl, or of course one good hit from a bong. 

At this stage, you'll feel the full effects of your strain. If you're smoking a Sativa, you might feel a lightness in your head and eyes and your thought processes will be a lot more positive, enthusiastic, and probably hilarious to your friends. This is the stage when ideas are born for better or worse.

If you're smoking an Indica-dominant strain you're going to be feeling a lot more relaxed. Your body feels heavier and all you want to do is chill. Things become a lot funnier, and you'll be a lot more aware of your movements and bodily processes.

This is also the stage where the munchies settle in. Always have plenty of snacks on hand if you're planning on getting good and high. You'll need them.

At this stage you'll be very aware you're high, and probably so will everyone around you. Make sure you're in a comfortable situation where you're ready to be baked if you're looking to get this high and enjoy the ride. You'll settle into it in no time.

Of course, everyone's high will be different from everyone else's, and this is probably the stage where the most difference will be visible. Some people are still functional at this stage, while others can do nothing but bask in the high, especially those with lower tolerances. Keep getting to this stage and you'll soon find out what type of smoker you are. (3)

Mellowed Out 

The peak of the high lasts longer for some than it does others and lasts longest if you've eaten an edible or taken a few bong tokes. After the peak comes to the mellow end-point where you're just cruising with the high. The effects are the same as the high, only a little less intense and a lot more comfortable.

At this point, you've settled into the high and you're ready to just have a great time. The high will start to weaken as this stage goes on and things will become more sensible as you start to go in reverse through the previous stages. You'll feel calm, collected, and be aware of just how high you were.

Mood elevation and calm are the best-associated feelings with this stage. This might also be when you start to feel the laziest and sleepiest, especially if you're smoking an Indica-dominant strain. At this point, you know your high is almost gone and you can see the finish line.(4)

Return to Earth

The high has almost completely gone now, and you might just feel a little buzz in the head and the body. Your mood will be slightly elevated and returning to normal, and your body is still probably pretty relaxed. The munchies have subsided and been overtaken with a feeling of shame towards how much you've just eaten, and all your "great ideas" you had while at the peak of your high might not seem so perfect after all. (5)

If you've made it to this stage, congratulations: you're ready to smoke another bowl and get back on that high horse! That, or take a big nap. It's your call.

Enjoying the Stages of Being High

For most smokers, the high only gets better as each stage melts into the next. The more you smoke the more you'll know what to expect of your high, and the more comfortable you'll be through all the stages of being high. Just don't panic and you'll be cruising through your highs without ever worrying.

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