What to Expect after a Tummy Tuck Procedure

Anyone that is considering having a tummy tuck must know what to expect. According to tummy tuck doctors, the recovery process is different for everyone. The period of recuperation depends on factors such as age, body weight, and current state of health. There are various tummy tuck procedures and each one of them may present unique challenges.

While everyone would like to get back to their normal life after a procedure, it is not possible. The body takes time to heal and some people may have to spend some time at the hospital. Most people stay for a few hours but others may need to stay a few days. The real recovery process starts after leaving the hospital.

In case any questions or concerns arise, it is wise to seek help from a qualified plastic surgeon. They may give their clients the right tips for living a healthy life after a tummy tuck. The following are some of the most important things to keep in mind after a tummy tuck.

Leaving the Hospital

Most people go home a few hours after the surgery. The abdomen is covered in bandages and they may have a compression garment to reduce swelling. It is unwise to drive home from the hospital after a tummy tuck surgery. Doctors suggest that patients have a friend or family member drive them home. Patients are advised to wear loose-fitting and comfortable clothes. Anything that puts pressure on the abdomen is a bad idea. The right attire is one that can easily fit over the compression garment. Clothes that are worn over the head are a bad idea as well.

First few Days of Recovery

During the first week of recovery, it is normal to experience mild swelling, discomfort, and soreness. According to doctors, it is wise to wear loose-fitting clothes. The abdominal compression garment should only be taken off when bathing. The garment speeds up the healing process and minimizes scarring. A tummy tuck doctor will advise their patient on how long to wear the compression garment. Some patients need it for longer than others.

It is okay to shower 48 hours after removing the drainage tubes. Before that, it is okay to take a sponge bath. If standing for long feels uncomfortable, using a chair when showering is a good idea.

After Healing

Tummy tuck procedures heal fast. Once the swelling is over and one is healed, it is okay to wear pants and other clothes that they could not wear during the healing process. The clothes will fit better and it may be necessary to have them tailored to fit.

Things to Expect After Surgery

After surgery, the surgeon should give their patient the following tips:

  1. Caring for their drain tubes and incisions
  2. What to eat
  3. The kind of physical activity that is appropriate
  4. Important things to know about infections after tummy tuck procedures
  5. How much to rest
  6. When it is possible to have plastic surgery again

For the first few days, it may be necessary to sleep on some sort of an incline. Try to keep the upper part of the body raised and the knees bent at an angle. Staying in that position helps to minimize swelling and improve comfort. Getting the opinion of a surgical doctor is the best way to stay healthy after a tummy tuck.

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