5 Things You May Not Know About CBD

October 26, 2021 • By Benjamin Wilson
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Did you know that CBD actually contains no psychoactive properties? 

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is one of the key chemical components found in marijuana. 

Though the use of marijuana is heavily restricted worldwide, CBD in the form of oils, vapes and gummies, is commonly used as a safe herbal remedy to reduce symptoms of stress and anxiety.

In this post we’ll explore some facts about CBD and debunk some commonly held myths, to help you make an informed decision about CBD use.

1. CBD Can Benefit Your Mental Health 

CBD is used to reduce symptoms of anxiety, a common mental health issue that many of us suffer from. It’s believed that CBD has an effect on the opioid receptors in the brain as well as glycine receptors. 

These receptors manage pain and regulate serotonin respectively. The combination of these effects can lead to a more relaxed and less anxious state of mind.

CBD is commonly considered a natural sleep aid, meaning that its use can also be employed by people who suffer from insomnia. Getting a good night's sleep is one of the key components of a healthy lifestyle, and crucial for maintaining positive mental health.

2. CBD Is Legal In Most Places

Unlike marijuana - the use of which is heavily legislated against in many parts of the world - CBD is legal in many places. 

There are still some restrictions around the hemp strain that is used or the THC levels that can be present, but its relative accessibility means you can find this therapeutic drug in many pharmacies and health stores.

This ease of access is perfect for those who want to incorporate CBD into their lives when travelling. 

3. CBD Is Safe

The World Health Organisation states that CBD is generally safe for human use. It has been shown not to significantly affect markers of health such as heart rate, body temperature or blood pressure. 

If you’re nervous about using CBD, the best way to figure out the level of CBD best for you and your body is to start by trying just a couple of drops of CBD oil 500mg and increase your dose when comfortable. 

4. CBD Is Non-Intoxicating

A commonly held misconception about CBD is that it can get you ‘high’ like traditional marijuana. However, unlike other components of the cannabis plant, CBD does not have any psychoactive properties. 

Therefore, CBD is typically used with a therapeutic purpose rather than with the intent of becoming intoxicated. 

5. CBD Oil Is Not The Same As Hemp Oil

Whilst CBD oil and hemp oil comes from the same plant,  CBD Hemp Oil in the UK comes from the hemp plant’s flowers and buds, hemp oil can be extracted from the seed, which contains no cannabinoids.

Final Thoughts

CBD is an incredibly useful remedy, available in multiple forms including oils, vapes and gummies. 

Since it has been proven to be safe for human consumption and is legal and widely available, it’s an invaluable tool in the toolkit for everyone who suffers from anxiety, stress or wants a better quality of sleep.

Benjamin Wilson

He is a fitness trainer and part-time blogger interested in nutrition and in leading a healthy lifestyle. He writes smart and inspirational articles on nutrition supported by scientific research and his own personal experience in the healthcare industry.
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