January 27, 2018 • By Benjamin Wilson
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Camping is one the best ways to spend a holiday with your friends or family. It is the dream of every person going on camp to have a stress-free camp. This is achievable when all the factors to consider when going on any trip are put in place. Camping is meant to be relaxed and have fun and therefore all the plans to make it memorable should be laid out and implemented.

Having to spend a night away from your home, your comfort zone means you have to equip yourself well. This is mostly during the night when you need to sleep. Sleeping in a tent can create one of the most memorable moments in your life and at the same time can create a nightmare when you spend many hours looking for sleep without success due to the cold you are feeling. You should always equip yourself with heavy materials that will provide enough warmth during the night.

Another crucial thing is what you sleep on. In the tent, you don’t expect to sleep on the bare ground and have a peaceful night. In this way, you will not be doing justice to yourself and the body as a whole.

You should at least lie on a Best Air Mattress 2018 on the ground. Carrying a mattress for many people becomes difficult as most mattresses are not easily portable. But camping air mattresses are there to solve all your sleep problems at the camp. These mattresses are highly portable and come in different styles and sizes to provide the best camping experience. They will make you sleep in style and get a full and restful night's sleep, even when you are roughing it.

In case you are planning to go on camping and you will require a mattress the air mattress is the best for you. In this article am going to discuss the best camping mattresses in 2018 that every person going on camp should consider purchasing and their features. (1)

SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattresses

This is one of the best camping air mattress brands in 2018.

It has the best comfort technology (consisting of 40 air coils) and has been optimized for all sleepers to get a peaceful night’s sleep

It has a one-click internal pump which has eased the process of inflating and deflating in that by just clicking the button of the internal pump once you are ready to sleep or to pack your mattress away again.

The mattress has been fitted with a sure-grip bottom which makes it difficult to slide while you are sleeping. This is an added comfort as many mattresses will slide anyhow denying you a chance of having a peaceful night.

This mattress has a fast filling time and is very reliable in case you feel sleepy and you want to spend little time inflating the mattress. It can be ready for use for as little as four minutes.

The material that has been used to make this mattress is of high quality and is puncture-resistant.

The only disadvantage is that it has been designed for indoor use only and cannot be used on bare ground. (2)

Intex Comfort Plush Elevated Dura-Beam Airbed

This is another camping air mattress that you can consider buying in case you have a plan of going on one. The mattress is preferred because it has an inbuilt electric pump which makes it easy to inflate or deflate. It also has a unique feature that other air mattresses don’t have. It is the only air mattress that you can use bedsheets. Other features of this mattress include;

Just like the SoundAsleep Dream Series Air mattress, this mattress has a high-powered electric pump that inflates the mattress within four and half minutes despite the size of this mattress.

It has a waterproof top with indented sides which makes it easy to use bed sheets conveniently.

With its enormous size (22 inches) it makes it easy for anyone to get on and off of the mattress and also makes the sleeping nights short and more comfortable for those people who prefer big-sized mattresses.

The only con of this mattress is that the dial system of inflating and deflating can accidentally be bumped and damaged easily.

Coleman Support Rest Double High Airbed

Coleman is popularly known for creating some of the best camping gear in the world. They have also not been left when it comes to making the best camping air mattresses with sizing options and a host of durability features.

This Coleman mattress has a tight air system which ensures that you are going to have a quality mattress devoid of failing and will serve you best for many seasons to come.

It has a plush surface which apart from ensuring durability, the construction of this mattress will also provide the extra comfort you need.

It comes with selectable sizes where you can choose the size you like.

The disadvantage of this type of mattress is that it requires an extra pump which is not included. 

Intex Pillow Rest Classic Airbed

This is a single-height mattress which makes it lighter and easier to inflate.

It comes with three sizes for you to select from. They include twin, full, and queen

This mattress has a built-in pillow which relieves you of the burden and saves the saves that you would have used to park the pillow.

It has an inbuilt pump which makes it easy to inflate. 

Twin Sized SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress

This is another brand from the SoundAsleep dream series for a better camping experience. Like its previous brand, this mattress has been optimized with Comfort coil technology which promotes both firmness and support.

It is fitted with 1 click internal pump for your convenience to inflate and deflate the mattress.

The mattress has been made from a puncture-resistant material thus making it more convenient and secure.

Its disadvantage is that it has been designed for indoor use only and cannot be used directly on the ground. 

Coleman Support Rest Twin Elite Air Bed

Coleman provides you with another impressive air mattress that is meant to give you the easiest camping experience. It has an antimicrobial surface which will keep all mold and mildew away from the mattress and will also prevent bad odors from being caught in the material.

The mattress inflates faster than any other air mattress known. This is due to the 120 Volt Built-in Pump which can fill the mattress in less than 2 minutes.

Its medium height of 20 inches is favorable to many people.

SoundAsleep Camping Series Air Mattress

This is an air mattress that has been designed with the camper in the mind. The mattress is loaded up with convenient features that will make your camping experience memorable and enjoyable.

The design of this mattress makes it suitable to be used in the tent comfortably.

It also comes with selectable sizes such as twin and queen for you to choose from.

Apart from the above features, it has an included external pump for ease of inflating.

With these mattresses varying greatly from one design to the other, they give you many options from which to choose but all in all they remain the best air mattresses for camping. 

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