CBD and Muscle Growth: Is There a Connection? Get the Scoop Here

September 18, 2019 • By Penelope Torres
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How are CBD and muscle growth connected? Learn more about it here in this quick explanation.

Have you hit a wall in your workout? 

Are you struggling to build and maintain muscle? 

You may have heard of the many health benefits and healing properties that CBD provides. However, did you know it can also help build muscle?

Believe it or not, CBD and muscle growth have actually been linked. Many athletes are gaining an advantage with the use of this miraculous plant. No matter what level you are in your fitness routine, CBD can help you reach your goals!

Read on to learn more about how CBD can heal you.

How Does CBD Build Muscle?

Studies are starting to show that CBD aids in muscle repair, which is key to building muscle. As you work out, you're creating tiny microscopic tears in your muscle fibers. When they heal, these fibers become stronger.

CBD assists in the healing of these muscle fibers by reducing inflammation so you can more quickly build muscle lifting heavier and working out harder. You are accelerating your workouts and results!

In addition, cortisol is a stress hormone that is released into the body during stressful situations. Although it is important in protecting the body against threats as a fight-or-flight instinct, it also prevents new tissue growth. In addition, it reduces the synthesis of protein in your body.

Ultimately, if you are under stress consistently and still trying to build muscle, you will be fighting a losing battle. No matter how much protein you eat and the weights you lift, you're going to hit a wall.

CBD and Muscle Growth Connection

CBD oil actually helps regulate your hormone levels. That includes cortisol! As an anti-catabolic, CBD will keep your cortisol levels low. This will also help you get a more restful night's sleep. Which is important in the muscle growth process.

By increasing your muscle growth you will burn fat more efficiently. This is because your muscles need the energy to rebuild and will pull from your fat stores. Your metabolism will increase as a result and you'll become leaner and stronger.

Maintaining a healthy weight will prevent ailments such as diabetes and heart disease. By building muscle, you will also be improving bone density. You'll be less likely to suffer from skeletal issues such as osteoporosis. Those who are elderly or prone to these conditions may find that CBD allows them to more easily gain muscle mass.

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Struggling with Muscle Growth 

Building muscle is different for everyone. Some people find it easy to build muscle while others struggle to bulk up. This can be due to a variety of health conditions as well as genetics and testosterone levels. Age will also affect a person's ability to gain muscle easily.

As you age, your body naturally begins to lose muscle tissue, this is known as sarcopenia. Some are prescribed human growth hormone supplements or testosterone to counteract this. Unfortunately, this often results in negative side effects.

These include changes in mood, increased aggression, joint pain, and alterations to reproductive organs. Luckily using CBD is a much more natural treatment option.

It also won't have the same nasty side effects. Still, it is best to consult with your doctor before taking CBD, since there is a chance it could interact with the medications you are currently taking.

Keep Your Gains Going Strong

If you've hit a wall with your workouts, you may want to try CBD. The connection between CBD and muscle growth is becoming more widespread. You too can experience the amazing benefits of this medicinal plant.

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