Divorce and fitness: coping with divorce by doing exercises

September 18, 2019 • By Penelope Torres
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Is there life after divorce? You can bet there is if you let there be. You can learn from your marriage and divorce; Important things like how to be even more independent, and creative and how to "do it all" and more! You can use your divorce to become an even stronger individual. This is not something that happens immediately. It is a process, so be patient with yourself and know that there is a light waiting at the end of the tunnel and that you can learn something from your divorce and be the person you should be. When you are going through the divorce process, try to have a plan for the future. I can't say it is easy, but you will get there. The main thing that I think you should also keep in mind is to take several deep breaths and take one step at a time. That is all you can do. Divorce is not easy, and it is definitely not a fun process. You might even feel degraded as if you were this terrible person, especially when you send the divorce papers to your soon-to-be-ex. Not to mention the stress that accompanies the divorce process. It just isn't a fun position to be in, no matter how much you want it or not. Therefore, take those breaths and just follow each step and know that it will eventually end so you can start your new life. This is really the way to think about it. Think of all the possibilities, not all the negative aspects.

Take everything step by step and be sure to set a time for yourself, for that much-needed “personal time”. I know you feel you don't have time for yourself, but you have to eat, put on relaxing music, light some candles, and take a bubble bath. Oh, and close the door. No one needs you unless they are hurting themselves! Take this time for yourself! Just take a little time. Drink lots of water and sleep well. It will make a world of difference, even if it is short-lived, it helps rejuvenate you and your soul. According to OnlineDivorce, one of the best ways to cope with divorce is through relaxation exercises. These exercises help to relieve you of anxiety and stress. Here are a few effective ones you can try out:

  • Count from one to ten.

There is a reason why people keep telling you to count from one to ten before exploding. Counting from one to ten can take your mind away from the problem in question. It allows your temper to decrease and weakens the object of your negative attention. In this case, it can help you combat the stress of going through a divorce. Doing this occasionally could be very calming.

  • Practice yoga

According to Yogajournal, people who attend yoga classes, or do yoga on their own, get all the benefits of a calm and relaxed mind. Over time, yoga practitioners not only become more flexible but also become more peaceful and less prone to outbursts of anger. That is because yoga is not just a physical activity; It is also about getting in touch with your inner self and obtaining a form of inner peace.

  • Perform the water glass technique.

Apart from yoga, you can try some of the less conventional mental relaxation exercises. One technique, in particular, involves a glass of water. Place the glass of water in your hand, pour all the things that concern you through your thoughts and direct all that negative energy to the glass. Once you have transferred all your problems to the glass, drain it completely. Once the glass is empty, you will be considered free and peaceful.

  • Have positive thoughts.

Mental relaxation exercises are supposed to calm the mind and relieve tension. If you feel agitated or restless, try to think positively. In fact, you should start thinking happy thoughts and adopt a cheerful disposition on a daily basis. Laugh heartily as much as you can. If you are more comfortable in general, then you are less likely to be tense or anxious. One way to laugh is to watch some comedy, blooper or gag videos on YouTube or other social media channels.

  • Deep breathing

Sit comfortably in a chair, rest your hands on your thighs, uncross your ankles, spread your feet on the ground and shut your eyes immediately. Inhale slowly and deeply through the nose and count to three. Then exhale slowly and count to three. As you inhale and exhale, consider the rise and fall of your abdomen. Repeat as much as seven times. Open your eyes slowly and take the time to get back to your day.

  • Shake hands and legs

Shake your hands and arms for a minute. Then shake your legs and feet for a minute. Stand still for a few minutes and feel the waves of energy flow through your body. Repeat as much as you want.

  • Shrug

Stand or sit in a comfortable position. Inhale slowly via your nose while counting to five and, while doing so, shrug your shoulders to your ears, exhale slowly until you count to five while lowering your shoulders. Relax and repeat this sequence at least five times.

  • Meditation technique

Meditation has been around for so long, but it hasn't lost its touch yet. If you want to relax your mind, there is nothing like a few minutes of serious meditation to keep you in a state of calm. Besides, it's easy to carry out. Simply find a quiet place, close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Don't let other external noises distract you. Focus on yourself and watch as your heart rate slows down.

However these diverse suggestions may not be for everyone, people respond differently to the same techniques. Some of these mental relaxation exercises may work better for you than others or vice versa. The key is not to force everyone to adjust to you, but to find the one that most relates to you and keep it. This is your time to do and be what you want. You can accompany your exercises with practical plans for your future. The great news is that if you have your vision of your future and write goals for yourself, and work to achieve it, you will live the life you want to have, the life of your dreams. Coping with divorce by doing exercises has been a practice for years and can certainly work for you too. If you have children, they will benefit from seeing you become a happy and productive person. They see you working towards your dreams. What a wonderful lesson to teach them.

Penelope Torres

She is a health blogger that knows exactly what readers expect from her writings on nutrition, health and wellness. She inspires them to act and educate them on nutrition and healthy living using real and scientifically-based facts that support her ideas.
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