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Can diet help you quit smoking?

Does it seem difficult to quit smoking cigarettes? If you can kick off your smoking habit, you will get back your sense of smell and taste which will make you appreciate each and every food that you take. All smokers will inform you that smoking is such a habit that harms the capability to smell... Read More

Understanding the correlation between stress and sleep

Life may be sweet, but it sometimes comes with challenges that often lead to stress. We all respond to stress differently depending on the intensity of the situation at hand. It can affect you physically, behaviorally or even emotionally. Experts reveal that not all stress is harmful. Short-term... Read More

Types of THC Tests (and what the check for)

Although one may not die or experience permanent damage from consuming too much cannabis sativa, it has other toxic side effects. It's no wonder most federal governments prohibit the drug. Also, most government institutions and companies require candidates to undergo a drug test before they can get... Read More

Principal Side Effects of Cannabis Use: Marijuana Vs CBD Oil

The use of cannabis dates back to 3,000 BCE and is possibly one of the earliest known plants to be cultivated by humans. Since then its use has seen highs and lows in nearly every culture where these plants grow — *stoner pun intended*. It’s the 21st century, and cannabis use is back in high... Read More

6 Health Benefits of Quitting Drinking

Drinking is an activity that millions of individuals partake in each day. While drinking sporadically does not cause significant health damage, alcohol itself is extremely addictive and can lead to physical addiction in a short amount of time. Whether you enjoy drinking daily, on the weekends, or... Read More

Everything You Need to Know about Marijuana’s Role in Chronic Pain

Cannabis has gained widespread acceptance in recent years with 61 percent of Americans, including 74  percent of millennials, reportedly being in favor of legalizing the drug, according to a 2017 survey by Pews Research. Aggressive legalization efforts have certainly contributed to this dramatic... Read More

5 Ways You Can Stay Motivated During Your Recovery Process

They say addiction is a beast. That’s true. But recovery is another monster, in its own way. When you’re in recovery, you’re essentially fighting against yourself. Especially in early recovery, your mind and body are struggling to use again. But to recover successfully, you’ll need to... Read More

3 Most Common Reasons People Turn to Tummy Tuck Surgery

Weight loss is a tough journey, but for some people, it can be ever tougher than for others. Sometimes there are extraneous circumstances that prevent us from losing the weight that we want to, or achieving our desired appearance. In these cases, it is common to turn to cosmetic procedures, such as... Read More

6 home remedies for people living with sleep apnea

Sleep apnea can be stressful and irritating. It causes hinders you from getting enough oxygen to your system while you are sleeping. Sleep apnea can cause complications if not treated early enough. While some cases are as a result of other medical conditions, most patients develop the illness due... Read More

The Flu and You: Natural Remedies and What Really Works

The flu is a devastating illness, and it has been so since the 16th century. For some, the flu merely means a few miserable days spend suffering in bed, but for much of the population — especially the young, the old and the weak — the flu poses a very real health threat, one that... Read More
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