The Most Expensive Premium Kratom Brands

There are many herbs in this world which are used for recreational purposes. However, many of them do not have the backing of any medical evidence. Kratom is on such plant which is used by millions of people in the world because they claim it has many medical benefits.

Due to the controversial natural of kratom, many countries observe a complete ban on its sale and purchase which is why most vendors choose to sell it online. In this article, we will guide you through the most expensive kratom brands available on the web. Though there are many vendors who sell kratom in local shops, ones with the best reputation in the industry can be spotted online. Some of which are:

  1. Kratora

Kratora’s website has all kinds of kratom strains for the clients. Beginning from the red strain down to green vein, they have it all on their website. However, that’s not all; they also offer high-quality kratom capsules and CBD oils. Their prices are market competitive but higher as compared to conventional kratom vendors. The best part about Kratora is they take care of the legal rules of every country and doesn’t ship to places where kratom is illegal.

  1. Original Harvest

The best part about this company is they sell lab-tested good quality organic kratom products to the customers. However they don’t have vast testimonials since they began operations in 2018. Though their products are very expensive, they hold personal pride in selling good quality kratom. Their packaging is neat and attractive. Furthermore, they are very active on social media which is why they have a good fan base,

  1. Kratom Crazy

This vendor is known for selling perhaps the best quality kratom strains online. Though prices are a bit higher than the other vendors, the quality of the products is worth the money you pay. First-time buyers get the opportunity of joining their first-time kratom crazy club with which they can whopping discounts on the products. They offer free shipping on orders worth $50. However their standard shipping is very cheap for limited orders.

  1. Coastline Kratom

Their prices are higher as compared to the rest of the vendors in the market and have a vast array of kratom strains. This company also enjoys huge popularity with massive five-star ratings given by happy customers. They provide a 100% money-back guarantee if clients aren’t satisfied with the product. However their kratom deals can save a lot of money. They offer free shipping to their customers and have sturdy packaging.


Earlier they would focus on kratom pills, but now they have diversified the business and sell kratom powders and dietary supplements. Interestingly they incorporate lab-tested results on the packaging of their products to make consumers aware of what they are consuming. You will be intrigued to know they have the facility of payment via bitcoin, which isn’t available on many kratom selling websites.


These are some of the best and most expensive brands of kratom which have unearthed some of the best reviews by the customers. The list of kratom manufacturers continues to rise with a lot of people using it every day and demanding the herb.

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