The Move towards Eco-Friendly Bags and Packaging By 2025

October 12, 2018 • By Sophia Smith
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The world is adopting eco-friendly packaging! In fact, whether it is the cosmetics industry, the pharma industry or the food industry, these packages are here to make a difference. It is known that by the end of the year 2025, 80% of the companies in the world, will convert to eco-friendly bags and products. Such products will be easily biodegradable, they will not cause any harm to the environment and they are going to be easily recyclable as well. Undoubtedly, the world is moving toward eco-friendly bags and also packaging by the end of the year 2025. Is your company too adapting?

Some of the biggest brands like Nestle and Mc Donalds are moving into the eco-friendly zone, aiming to be completely green by the end of the year 2015.

Nestle's CEO revealed Plastic waste is one of the biggest sustainability issues the world is facing today. Tackling it requires a collective approach. We are committed to finding improved solutions to reduce, reuse and recycle. Our ambition is to achieve 100% recyclable or reusable packaging by 2025.” Nestle announced its ambition to ensure that 100% of its packaging material will be re-usable or recyclable by the year 2015. The aim of Nestle is to reduce the environmental impact of such packaging material.

Purpose of Eco-Friendly Bags and Packaging:

So, what do the companies wish to achieve with such eco-friendly products? Nestle believes that it needs to minimize the damage caused to the environment, due to the use of eco-friendly packages. The main purpose of using eco-friendly packages are the following:

  • Reducing the use of plastic which is a big environmental hazard.
  • Encouraging the use of eco-friendly packaging material which means bamboo and other products.
  • Changing the use of a complex combination of different kinds of packaging material.

Benefits of Using Bio-degradable Packaging:

There are several benefits of using bio-degradable packaging. Here are some reasons why you should shift to bio-degradable packaging:

Turned into Compost Easily – This means, when you use bio-degradable material, they can be easily turned to humic material. This helps in improving nutrient and water retention. Thus, it means, there are healthier plants. There is lesser need for the use of pesticides and also use of chemical fertilizers. Thus, when you are using biodegradable material, you are doing your bit to save the environment and keep it pollution free. These days, consumers too wish to contribute towards a safe, healthy environment. You too must do your bit!

Fuel Efficiency:

Biodegradable packaging material means it will consume lesser energy than that needed by products which are made from plastic and others which do not degrade quickly. If you choose to use biodegradable products, which are made from potato starch, sugar cane and corn, you are doing your bit to save the environment.

Lastly, using biodegradable products means less damage for the environment because the pollution is less. Go ahead and start using eco-friendly packages, because the world is moving towards such kinds of products by the year 2025. (1)

Sophia Smith

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