Tips for Finding a Good Drug Rehab Center

February 2, 2019 • By Sophia Smith
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If your life has been negatively affected by drugs or that of your loved one, you can change the narrative.  It is hard to get yourself hooked off the drug addiction. But it is possible when you get the help. You can seek help from a therapist and get yourself or your loved one booked into a drug rehabilitation facility. It is critical that you get admitted to a reputable and a good facility. Ensure the facility has everything you need for your personal needs. Here are more tips to help you identify a good drug rehab facility:

  1. Get a Medical Evaluation

Before booking yourself or your loved one into the facility, have a substance abuse professional assess you first.  The professional should be licensed with vast experience with dealing with substance use disorders. He will help you establish if you really need an inpatient treatment at the facility or not. If your situation is not very critical you can receive an outpatient treatment which is as effective as the inpatient treatment if done right in a drug rehab facility in a state like Washington.

  1. Go for a Licensed and Certified Center

For high-quality and legitimate services, ensure that you or your loved one gets admitted to a licensed and legitimate rehab. Check out their certifications and accreditations online. A genuine drug rehab in Austin is the one that is accredited, licensed and has relevant certificates.

  1. Consider the Age of the Facility

A good and reputable rehab should have been operational for more than five years. Avoid facilities that have been recently established. If the rehab has been operational for long, it means they have all the necessary certificates, licenses and experience dealing with the people with addiction. Although not all of them, some young facilities might be just in for business and not keen on the wellbeing and the recovery of the patient. Try and find out the reputation of the facility you are considering.

  1. Avoid Facilities that Promise 100% Success

There is nothing like 100% result for someone who has been addicted to a certain drug. This is because recovery is not an overnight thing. Recovery is a process and it also involves the efforts by the patient. If they are cooperative enough, it can speed up the recovery process. And if they abscond the treatment after leaving the facility, there will be no much change in them. So, avoid such rehabs, they are probably out to just make money.

  1. The Location

You need to choose a rehab in a location where you know the patient will have an easy time recovering at. Depending with the interests of the patient, some may do well in rehabs in cities and some on the country side.

Know if or not the patient is allowed to contact their families. Some facilities do not allow any form of contact with the outside of the facility. While others allow the patients to be visited, receive calls and letters from their family. This makes them feel love and support.

Make use of these tips to help you find a good and effective rehab for you or the patient. Consider the quality of treatment. This is because high quality treatment, gives the patient higher chances of recovery.

Sophia Smith

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