Why Your Feet Are More Complex Than You Thought

People often take for granted the complex structure of our feet and ankles. Proper support, care of your feet and proper arch support is extremely important for your overall bodily health. There are 28 bones in your feet, 112 ligaments and 33 joints that support your body while you walk and stand. Without proper care and support you are certain to experience some pain or discomfort at some point in your life. In order to maintain good support, there are many things you can do. In this post we will explore several methods of preventative strategies and treatments: 

Compression Socks 

Compression socks can help to support your feet and increase blood flow to your heart as well. As the compression sock supports your feet it can reduce some of the shock of walking and or running as you progress throughout your day. By supporting your bones and ankles you will be able to experience less discomfort from standing or sitting at work or; as an athlete you will improve the blood flow in your legs, which will prevent lactic acid from building up as you run. Many athletes will purchase compression stockings but it is recommended that youconsult with your family physician to ensure you are wearing the proper mmHG – aka the tightness of the sock – before training for strenuous, highly intense athletic events. 


Athletes often use compression socks for support, to increase blood flow, and increase oxygen to their muscles and joints. By increasing blood flow and oxygen the recovery time after an athletic event will be shorter, allowing individuals to get back in the gym ASAP. Maintaining proper blood flow and oxygen can also provide protection against damage to tissues caused by overuse or extreme use. 

Varicose Veins 

Compression socks are an excellent way to prevent and treat varicose veins as well by increasing blood flow through your body and relieving pressure and pain caused by varicose veins. Most people are able to treat their varicose veins at home or at work with everyday compression socks and get the relief they need.

Plantar Fasciitis 

It is estimated that 10 percent of adults experience foot pain caused from Plantar Fasciitis. Symptoms of plantar fasciitis can be very painful in the morning, the moment you put your feet on the ground and last throughout the day .To ensure that your feet are supported and help reduce the pain causedby plantar fasciitis, have your feet taped by a chiropodist, wear properly fitted orthopedic footwear and wear supportive slippers/ sandals at home. Feet First Clinic is able to provide 3D gait analysis of a patient’s gait in order to identify problematic habits that contribute to plantar fasciitis. A basic plantar stretch is another failsafe way to treat this chronic condition. 

Due to the complex structure of the foot, it is important to keep your feet in good shape, as well as the rest of your body. As important as drinking the best quality water is to your body, your feet carry you every step of the way. Compression socks can be an excellent way to help achieve that by facilitating good blood flow to the muscles, joints, and ligaments that will help relieve pain, reduce injuries, and reduce recovery time after an injury. Not only do athletes benefit from compression socks, Diabetics, the elderly, people with an improper gait and many others can experience advantages as well.

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