12 Tips for Treadmill Running

March 14, 2018 • By Benjamin Wilson
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Treadmill running is one of the top solutions for getting in shape. While it might not be as easy as it looks for the beginner, it is certainly achievable multiple times per week if you follow a few basic tips:

  1. Begin with walking

Walking represents a great method to warm up. It is also the time for you to get used to being on the treadmill and to avoid issues such as dizziness.

  1. Increase the pace as you go

Once your warm-up session is complete, you can proceed to increase the pace of the treadmill and begin running. This should always be according to your possibilities and not to what others are doing. (1)

  1. Don’t look down

Looking down represents one of the problems beginners have which leads to dizziness. Make sure you are fully comfortable with the treadmill before you look down.

  1. Maintain good stride

Good stride pace is essential for distance running and this is why you need to learn how to maintain a good tempo.

  1. Listen to great music

Some people get motivated by great songs and this is why you can also ensure the best results by choosing your favorite tracks.

  1. Hydrate

Hydration is mandatory, especially during long runs. Make sure you always have a bottle of water at hand.

  1. Use incline settings

Incline settings can be easily adjusted with most modern treadmills and the best part is that this allows you to considerably variate the difficulty levels.

  1. Cool down with a fan

Some treadmills come with built-in fans for cooling down. Make sure you use them when you need tor refresh.

  1. Visualize a running route

Visualizing a route can actually mentally prepare you when it comes to that extra motivation to run longer sessions.

  1. Use the safety features

The safety features of the treadmill such as the quick stop button should always be at hand, make sure you know where the button is before you start running.

  1. Track calories

Tracking calories is easier with modern treadmills and it can indicate the level of effort that went into your running session. (2)

  1. Track time

The time you spend on the treadmill is also important as it allows you to set personal records and even track your progress as you go. With these great tips, you will be in a better position when it comes to improved treadmill results.

While people may think treadmills are very expensive pieces of workout equipment, you can actually get great treadmills for under 300 dollars.

Benjamin Wilson

He is a fitness trainer and part-time blogger interested in nutrition and in leading a healthy lifestyle. He writes smart and inspirational articles on nutrition supported by scientific research and his own personal experience in the healthcare industry.
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