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Labiaplasty – A New Trend in Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery

You can firm up your butt on the reg, but would you like to firm up other things below your belt? Some girls are interested in it, and they usually try to find a magic formula too. The truth is, the most recent trend in cosmetic surgery involves – sculpting your female bits. And Labiaplasty... Read More

These Are the 5 Most Common Nutrient Deficiencies

Have you ever wondered why you keep getting those headaches or why you’re feeling tired? A simple explanation for this could be that it’s a sign of nutrient deficiency in your diet. With a hectic and stressed lifestyle, it may be hard to make sure that you’re getting all of your body’s most... Read More

How to Live Well with Type 2 Diabetes

Living with type 2 diabetes is tough when you rely on medication alone to keep your sugar levels under control. In fact, controlling blood sugar becomes a lot easier when you adopt a lifestyle that supports and not contradicts this health condition. So how do you keep your diabetes in check and... Read More

Coconut: 10 Health Benefits of the Wonderful Tropical Fruit

A lot of tourists flock to the Caribbean Islands to explore the Atlantic in a new dimension. One among these countries is the Turk and Caicos with its tropical sun. Being famous for its powder soft white sand beaches, coral reefs, and conchs, the country lures tourists worldwide. And tourists,... Read More

Unique Taste of Smoked Foods

Smoked foods have a unique and unmistakable flavor. Smoking, the process of cooking and flavoring food by exposing it to smoke from a smoldering material, adds a smoky taste which works well with many sweet and savory foods. As the evenings begin to get longer, and the barbeque grill and smoker... Read More

Should You Stop Using Aluminum in Kitchen Right Now? Fact or Fiction!

Look around any kitchen, do you see any items that are aluminum-based? The chances are that you do. If it’s not the foil, then it’s the pots and pans that we use to cook. Aluminum is a widely used raw material for a majority of kitchen appliances and has been part of the cooking history... Read More

Heart Diseases Explained By a Famous Heart Surgeon

Heart disease has become one of the major causes of death in India. With proper awareness & by working on the controllable risk factors like diet, physical activity, and stress it can be prevented to an extent. Here are some important points on heart disease shared by Dr. Zainulabedin Hamdulay,... Read More

Everything You Need To Know About The Health Risks Of Dermal Fillers

Over the years, more and more people have decided to take their appearance into their own hands. There is absolutely no doubt that aging is unwelcomed. Nevertheless, everyone is going to be forced to deal with aging at some point or another. It is impossible to dial back your age. However, there... Read More

How to Maximize Your Fitness Efforts

Getting the most out of your fitness efforts has never been easier thanks to the array of online resources, increased access to gyms, and the ability to work with experienced personal trainers, such as those at HouseFit. These resources and access to professionals are only one part of the equation.... Read More

Why Do You Need Healthy Teeth?

Our mouth is one of the most complex systems of our body, and most of the daily functions depend upon it. However, building up of bacteria on your teeth due to meals is one of the most common phenomena. Proper oral health is very much essential need for our daily life, but most of us... Read More
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