What NOT to do When Losing Weight

Losing weight is a struggle for many people. Counting calories and implementing a workout routine can be a chore for even the most dedicated person. Fortunately, we have compiled a list of several common things you should avoid while trying to lose weight. Don’t starve yourself Less food consumed... Read More

The Difference between Traditional Mexican vs Tex-Mex

If you’ve had Tex-Mex recently, you’d know it. An American staple, the blend of Mexican concepts with American ingredients has exploded in recent years throughout the world. Surprisingly, most Americans just refer to Tex-Mex as traditional Mexican, when almost nothing can be further from the... Read More

Top 10 Foods for Boosting Your Sexuality to the Next Level

Even though some people will not right out admin it, sexual intercourse and intimacy play a crucial part in the maintenance of a healthy relationship, especially amongst the younger population. Elite Daily explains that, for many people, sex is an important desire that needs to be satisfied in... Read More

6 Foods Which Support Cell Regeneration Process

The human body can regenerate itself naturally at certain intervals. Skin regenerates in 30 days and the red blood cells regenerate in four months. These are not the only parts of the body that regenerate, as the body ditches more than 50 billion cells per day. Researchers tapped into this amazing... Read More

What do Proteins do for the Body?

Proteins are always seen as the backbone of working out. If you want to boost your muscle mass, you have to use proteins. If you want to look better and more powerful, you have to use proteins. But no one tells you what these proteins do to your body. Because you may not imagine that,... Read More

5 Things That You Need To Know If You Are Starting Nutrisystem Diet Plan

Nutrisystem is a weight loss diet. It gives you a month's supply of food. You can rely on the food that they offer. They are helping people in losing weight through their packaged food deals that help you sustain your new weight. The food is nutritionally healthy and contains a very low percentage... Read More

Don't Order That Salad!

Whatever you do, don't order a salad on a first date. I fear that women feel pressured to peck, nibble, and suckle on leafy greens because they think they're being judged. Trust me; dudes can see the mozzarella stick lust in your eyes when you order that bowl of mulched vegetable matter.  Believe... Read More
Turmeric for Dogs

What does the evidence say about turmeric’s health benefits?

Maybe you’re seeing it everywhere on the café menus recently – the “golden milk” – hot milk mixed with turmeric. But does it actually help your health or just taste good? We had all seen the new trend at our local cafe menus - the drink combined with hot milk and turmeric, coconut oil or... Read More
face mask

Key Ingredients for Homemade Facial Masks for Every Skin Type

What is more comforting after a long day filled with obligations than to snug up in comfortable clothes, listening to your favourite music or reading one of your chosen books or even maybe relaxing with your best friends gossiping and having `girls time` while making facial masks from the leftovers... Read More
healthy eyes

Top 6 Foods for Healthy Eyes

Health starts with proper dieting, and eye health is no different. If you want to have good eyesight and to keep eye diseases of, you need to make sure you run a healthy lifestyle- regular exercising and a sound diet are the keys. Maintaining a healthy diet is easier than you think. It starts with... Read More
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