Benjamin Wilson

He is a fitness trainer and part-time blogger interested in nutrition and in leading a healthy lifestyle. He writes smart and inspirational articles on nutrition supported by scientific research and his own personal experience in the healthcare industry.
how to get rid of eye bags in an hour

21 Effective Ways How To Get Rid Of Under-Eye Bags

If you clicked on this article, you’re most probably wondering how you can get rid of under-eye bags. Whether you’re in your 20s or older, dark circles under your eyes and puffy eyes are the last things you want. In addition to making you look older and tired, bags under the eyes represent a... Read More
how to grow avocado from seed

How To Grow An Avocado Plant From Seed

Whether you like to consume them in salads, smoothies, omelettes, guacamole, or sandwiches, avocados can make any dish tastier. But, regardless of the way you want to consume this healthy fruit, the next time you finish eating your avocado, do not throw the seed away. Instead, use it to grow your... Read More
Natural Antibiotic

10 Most Powerful Natural Antibiotics For Treating Infections

Antibiotics are drugs that are used to destroy or hinder the growth of bacteria. When we have a cold, a cough or an infection, most of us tend to go to the doctor’s office to ask for a prescription antibiotic. But, while antibiotics can treat bacterial infections, they can’t treat viral ones,... Read More
Cycling For Weight Loss

Cycling For Weight Loss: 18 Helpful Tips To Shed Pounds By Cycling

In addition to being a wonderful leisure activity, cycling offers a variety of health benefits. It can help improve your flexibility, fitness, and muscular strength, boost your metabolism, reduce your stress levels, and improve your circulation as well as lung and health heart. Besides this,... Read More
Back Pain

Stress And Back Pain: What's the Connection?

Back pain is undoubtedly one of the most unpleasant symptoms which we frequently experience. From disturbing our sleep to causing difficulty walking, back pain is certainly an irritating issue. What makes this problem even worse is the fact that most of us have trouble identifying the causes of the... Read More

Eating One Avocado A Day Can Improve Your Life In 5 Significant Ways

Are you the next avocado-obsessed person in your neighborhood? You don't even have to turn around in your office or open the lunch-boxes of your colleagues, because avocados are everywhere! Americans have been obsessed with them forever.  People consumed around 1.5 pounds per person in 1998,... Read More

How To Tie A Tourniquet-Try Using This Method to Apply A Tourniquet In No Time

When a person is bleeding and has an open wound, many people panic and call the doctor, but what we do in the first minutes after that shock is important and it can save a person’s life. No matter how or when bleeding happens, it’s important to look at the statistics to realize the graveness... Read More
pineapple juice benefits

Top 10 Health Benefits Of Pineapple Juice

If you love drinking pineapple juice, here’s some good news for you: Besides being a refreshing and pleasant-smelling drink, pineapple juice has plenty of health benefits. From enhancing your digestive health to improving your immune system, pineapple juice offers many other benefits that are all... Read More
pallet gardening

Top 5 Pallet Gardening Ideas

If you’re looking for ways to transform your garden or just organize your plants, creating a pallet garden is the right method for you. Plenty of wooden pallets ends up discarded in landfills. That’s a sad fact if we take into consideration all the things we can do with them in the garden. And... Read More
Bonsai care and maintenance

How to Care For a Bonsai Tree - Proper Care, Love, And Maintenance Of Your Bonsai Trees

Even if you have no idea what a bonsai tree looks like, you can probably guess that bonsai trees need care and love to thrive with every plant on Earth. Leave a plant alone with hateful words, no water, or direct sunlight and it will die very soon. Bonsai trees can be as sensitive as any... Read More
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