Sophia Smith

She is a renowned nutritionist and freelance writer whose topics of interest include healthy living and healthy eating. She is passionate about introducing new and delicious healthy meals while balancing her time between cooking and going to the gym. Her mission is to change the life of as many people as she can and make them the best version of themselves.
healthiest vegetables

20 Healthiest Green And Most Nutrient Dense Vegetables To Eat Everyday

It is not a secret that eating vegetables can make a big impact on your life and you will be on a way to having a healthier and longer life. They are a gift from nature and are filling, flavorful, and perfect for various types of dishes, such as soups, salads, smoothies, and sandwiches. If... Read More
Kitchen Garden

How To Design Your Own Kitchen Garden

If you’re interested in gardening, kitchen gardening is the perfect choice for you. There’s nothing better than the satisfaction of eating healthy and delicious fruits, vegetables, and herbs are grown in your own backyard. Kitchen gardens have started growing in popularity. They’re appearing... Read More
benefits of coconut water

14 Benefits Of Drinking Coconut Water For Men And Women

Coconut milk or coconut water? Are you feeling a little bit confused? It is very easy to confuse them, but they are different. Coconut water is a clear natural liquid, and 95 % of it is pure water it is a great ready-to-drink beverage for dehydration, especially after workouts, and to support... Read More
garlic honey and lemon

Boost Your Immunity With Lemon, Honey And Garlic Natural Tonic

As modernization grows, everyone is concerned about their health, no matter their age. Fortunately, we have superfoods such as garlic and honey that come directly from nature, which can help us treat various ailments. They even have a better effect when combined as it comes with a garlic honey... Read More
foods that cause acne

Top 10 Foods That Cause Acne And How To Get Clear Skin

Can you believe that acne breakout on your face can be related to an internal organ and a hidden health issue? According to ancient Ayurvedic and Chinese healing techniques, your nose acne is connected to stomach issues, while acne on your cheeks is a result of stress or poor digestion. This... Read More
cinnamon on plants

11 Cinnamon Benefits For Plants And Gardening

Cinnamon gives that delicious flavor to many cooking recipes. It is a spice that is made from the inner bark of the aromatic tree Cinnamomum. It is a versatile spice and even a small dash of Cinnamon gives that distinct taste to your homemade pie. It is also a very powerful substance with many... Read More
turmeric benefits

15 Turmeric Benefits For Men And Women

Turmeric appears to be everywhere around us; it is a trendy healthy space that gives that tawny hue to golden milk latte, healthy smoothies, and everyday snacks. This ancient spice, praised for its anti-inflammatory properties and native to South Asia, is one of the fast-growing dietary... Read More
why is gardening good for you

10 Reasons Why Gardening Is Good For You

Besides being highly enjoyable and a great way to keep yourself active, gardening offers a variety of health benefits. Gardening can do wonders for your mind, body, and soul and this has been backed by science too. Living in a fast-paced society where we’re exposed to all kinds of stressors every... Read More
how to regrow leeks

How To Regrow Leeks From Your Kitchen Scraps?

There are endless times when you opened the fridge and found, far in the back, stashed containers there for weeks, wholly forgotten? One study even found that 44 % of Americans found a product in their fridge and did not know it was placed there or bought it beforehand. So, we should all get... Read More
grow cucumbers vertically

How To Grow Cucumbers Vertically?

Cucumber is one of the most refreshing summer vegetables and it is called a water bottle as 95 % of its composition is water. It is so low in calories, rich in antioxidants, and so beneficial for your overall health.  It can be added to almost any salad or meal and you can even pickle... Read More
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