foods avoid eating empty stomach

10 Foods You Should Avoid Consuming In The Morning

A smoothie or a cup of latte macchiato or iced coffee is what probably pops into your head when you think of a good breakfast. It does sound great, but have you ever thought about whether this is the right way to start your day? Believe it or not, the first thing you consume on... Read More

Eating One Avocado A Day Can Improve Your Life In 5 Significant Ways

Are you the next avocado-obsessed person in your neighborhood? You don't even have to turn around in your office or open the lunch-boxes of your colleagues, because avocados are everywhere! Americans have been obsessed with them forever.  People consumed around 1.5 pounds per person in 1998,... Read More

Mother Theresa’s Mysterious Diet – A Sweet Tooth or Preference for Street Delights?

Mother Theresa's Mysterious Diet – A Sweet Tooth or Preference for Street Delights? The mere thought of a hungry child or a beggar on the street brings us images of one single lady who devoted her life to giving love and food to those who needed it the most. Never tired and always... Read More
pineapple juice benefits

Top 10 Health Benefits Of Pineapple Juice

If you love drinking pineapple juice, here’s some good news for you: Besides being a refreshing and pleasant-smelling drink, pineapple juice has plenty of health benefits. From enhancing your digestive health to improving your immune system, pineapple juice offers many other benefits that are all... Read More
turmeric and honey

Turmeric And Honey Mixture-A Powerful Combination That Can Benefit Your Health

Turmeric – this vibrant yellow-orange plant has been an essential part of Southeast Asian and Indian cuisine for thousands of years. The Indians have also used it as medicine to treat inflammatory and respiratory diseases. Due to its characteristic flavor and health benefits, the use of turmeric... Read More
alkaline foods

Top 10 Alkaline Foods That Are An Essential Part Of A Healthy Diet

Our bodies are built to be in a continuous state of alkalinity. The ideal pH (a number which indicates how strongly basic or acidic something is) of a human body is around 7.35 to 7.45.  To keep our bodies healthy, it’s essential to maintain this pH range. Sadly, living in a modern and... Read More

Why You Should Bet Big on Veganism

Increasing numbers of people are turning to vegan diets across the US. It is estimated by that there are more than 20m vegans in the country, which is approximately 16% of the population. Becoming vegan is no longer purely an ethical choice; we explored health reasons in our... Read More

10 Foods That Are Good For Your Heart’s Health

The need for maintaining good heart health is simple- getting a long and healthy life. Nobody wishes to spend his/her last days in a hospital bed. Thus, it is important to take care of the primary organs of your body that can help you have a longer and healthier life. One of the primary organs... Read More
keto diet

Why a keto diet can be a great choice

The type of keto diet that involves eating carbs alternatively has been seen by many people as the best diet type. This is because it is easier to follow than a no-carbs diet. There are three types of keto diets out there: the no-carb types meaning you do away with all forms of carbohydrates, the... Read More

7 Vegetables You Must Plant in Your Garden This Summer

There are many reasons why someone would want to start their own garden. Some people enjoy gardening as a hobby. It is something to do to fill the time and they relish watching their hobby literally flourish before their eyes. Other people garden for sustenance; they work hard to produce a crop of... Read More
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